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sayonara Japan..ohayo #34!

Now you see me...

Now you don't..

This is my absolute, favourite ring-toy and I will never let go of it...


kinda obvious I haven't figured out how to post video images on my lj..*sigh*


Bah! It is likely that Japan ain't gonna happen coz only 4 people (including us) signed up for the package so far and the confirmation date is on the 11th which is tomorrow!! Shucks..I'd been so looking forward to Japan... Going free and easy won't be a good idea 'cause we don't know the language and food's gonna be really costly.., I have to look for alternative holiday destinations...Hubby is suggesting a central Europe tour [he's been there, I've not]..but I'm not that into a rushed tour where I get to see only a glimpse of various cities in a short week....I prefer something more leisurely. Canada is another option..Hubby has been longing to visit Vancouver and I can easily bring him around since I studied there and we can also go to the Canadian Rockies..It would be nice to be in Canada in late summer/early autumn...Or we may just go somewhere nearer like Sydney and Melbourne..[where I'll probably end up shopping non-stop]..

On turning 34
Yeah..I'm gonna turn 34 in about 2 weeks time. Don't feel that old mentally but physically, I'm really in a bad shape..Looking at old chubby baby pics of myself is fine but looking at pics of myself when I was in my 20s looking really slim and glowing can be really depressing. Imagine, from the age of 29 onwards, I've put a total of 15kg..yeah yeah, I know I was preggy but in truth, I'd been starting to let myself go since I got married.

I remember the days [which were a mere 4 years ago] when we used to go clubbing and dance the night away and the next morning, me and hubby would still head down to East Coast for some rollerblading..boy, did we have lotsa energy then. Now, whenever we tell ourselves.."ok, let's go blading tomorrow morning"...the next day will come and pass and we find ourselves sleeping the morning and sometimes the afternoon away..arghh...We have absolutely no willpower I tell ya..! resolution for my birthday! Lose weight and start exercising!! Oh yeah, and learn to swim too!

Oh yeah..hubby called me up a few days ago and, if you would to have some vouchers, which mall would you like them to be from? I thought for a while and replied "Mothercare!!" 'coz that's where I usually shop [for the wee one of coz] ...Hubby paused and queried.."Any other places?"..."Takashimaya!"I said, since the children's dept was the next other most shopped place (the 3rd being Kiddy Palace) ...I asked hubby why he was asking me this..he kept quiet a while and replied.."Err..I was wondering what to get you for your birthday mah..and I thought gift vouchers would be good for you since it's always so tough to get you a nice present!!"


Kinda unromantic, don't you think..heh. Anyway, of coz I told him to disregard Mothercare if that was the case..seriously, gift vouchers are fine with me..considering that during my last birthday, I chose the present myself (diamond earrings) coz he begged me to tell him what I wanted after his gaffe in the previous year [He got me a Playstation ..and guess who ended up playing with it!!]

Well, at least he remembers my birthday :)

Misc :
This you gotta read...
This is really good!
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