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@Erin's aka twinkle42 1st month celeb..

Here's sweet Erin sleeping so peacefully...
Happy 1st Month Bday today

It was Eleanor terminalcase42 & Xinyao troubadour42 's daughter, Erin 1st month celebration today...It was also my first time meeting the lovely couple and their daughter..a tad awkward [especially hubby who didn't know anyone there] but they made us felt really welcome..Love their house decor too..Erin was really gwai...she was sleeping throughout the time we were there..she only opened her eyes to peep at us much much later but that was it..I think she inherited both her parents' features..her heart shape face is from her mom and her eyes and nose from her dad (I think)..and she has lots of hair!!! *so envious*..

Some of the other ljers were there too..auntyadele, who helped me carry Aidan while I ate [hmm, deja vu], joeaugustin (who thought my hubby was another wife's husband...hmmmm) with their youngest Tasmin, who was playing with triciaseow's daughter, Gail ..By the way Tricia, my hubby didn't believe me when I told her u had 2 kids..he asked me to query you how u managed to stay so slim when his wife, who only had one kid couldn't...bah!..Met Eugenemfluder and his sis, germaingoh too..I thought Eugene looked thinner than the pics of him I've seen on LJ..he was wondering whether it was a compliment or an insult ..hmmmmm...

Had to leave soon after becuz Aidan was getting grouchy and it was his feedtime soon. Thanks Eleanor and XY..for having us :) Looking forward to seeing Erin's pictures as she grows ..[ u understand why I take that many pics of Aidan eh..heh..but yeah, I know I go overboard sometimes]

More pics:

This is what Eleanor looks like..with 3 kids :D

Aidan was so grouchy/teary today..never saw him cried so much before..He seemed to be scared of all the li' girls who only wanted to 'sayang' him...*chum* This boy confirmed afraid of older women..(btw Eleanor, what's the name of that li' pink girl?)

Li' Tasmin with Gail~
I wish I took these pics..but it was mfluder who snapped these..Aiyoh, li' girls are so cute!

*Go here for all the pics..


In other news...

I think Aidan's beginning to experience separation anxiety of some sort..Today was the first time I saw him resist when he was carried by people he wasn't familiar with..he never used to be like that!! And he was kinda skittish too..first he cried when Tasmin sayanged him..and he cried again when Eleanor's friend 17 month old daughter played with him. I've never seen him cry so much at someone else's place...and he didn't like it when others were carrying him...could tell he was uncomfortable and his eyes will start to water..Well, maybe it was that he didn't have his usual nap so he was extremely fussy..and it could be also because I'd kept him indoors since he became sick..Fortunately, he is okay with my in-laws so when we do leave for our holiday, he wouldn't be uneasy..

Oh some people remarked that Aidan looked like hubby ..Okay guys, if u think that too and wanna say it in the future..remember..please do not say.."Aidan's sooo cute...!!" "Looks like Daddy!!" the same sentence/breathe because my husband will misconstrue that you guys think he is cute..This fella's ego is big enuff already :P~

When we reached home, the li' boy was all smiles ..*sigh* of coz, it was photo op again :)

Playing with Daddy..:)

Told my in-laws about the li' baby girl we saw today..oops..Big mistake!!! They started hinting telling us bluntly that they are waiting for another grandchild..hopefully, a li' baby girl..*arghhhhhh*..and dad-in-law was even saying that Japan would be a good place to make babies..*faint* Mom declared that she was prepared to buy an MPV so that she can ferry her grandchildren around...

Gosh..can't believe they want me to reproduce when I'd just had Aidan...*headache*.. Tried to taichi to my sis-in-law but dad said that he's applying pressure to both her and me for extra insurance..Jialat man!

*warning : tons & tons of pics..
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