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That's Jen, my sis-in-law on my right and me with my big-tummied Aidan

Hmm..recently, several people had commented that Aidan's pretty big sized..for his age that is..The best so far was terminalcase42's confinement nanny...When she saw Aidan, she asked me in mandarin whether he was 1 year old (ok, she said it in a way that i didn't understand - dui shuay or somethin..) I foolishly nodded my head without comprehending what she said until later, I had to clarify that Aidan was only 6 months old, not 1 year which she exclaimed in Mandarin "Wah, very big and tall for a 6 months old baby. Can pass off for a 1 year old actually!"..

Weird....when I look at him, I don't figure him to be that 'big-sized'.. chubby yes but physically wise, I thought it was that of a 6/7 month-er...only thing that seemed to have gotten bigger was his rounded tummy (which his granddad insist, is a Lee Tradition)..I know for a fact from my aching arms that he has gotten heavier. Funny, I thought babies usually lose weight when they are sick. This fella gains pounds instead.

MIL with a blur looking Aidan who had just woken up from his nap in the car...
Sadly, this was the only pic taken at the zoo..after I snapped this, the red light blinked and battery was completely sapped..

We went to the zoo on Sunday morning ..with our parent in-law and brother in-law + family..Unfortunately, I left the switch on my cam on so when we reached the zoo, the battery had died so no pics *sob*.. Brought the video camcorder tho..The weather was great in the morning..really cooling so the walk ard the zoo was pretty nice..Aidan was of coz too young to be enamoured by the animals..he stayed in his stroller and lip-locked his cookie monster most of the time.

*sigh*..I still can't figure out how to transfer video images from the digicamcorder to the computer. I've got a panasonic digicamcorder and the software which they provided with it was a DV studio and a SD all manuals and faq many times but all they mentioned were the transfer of still pics instead of moving pictures *headache* I reading it wrongly or do I have the wrong software?? And yeah, any good recommendation where I can get a domain for storing video images too?

Token pics of Aidan :D..

A serious lookin Aidan..A goofy lookin Aidan ...
When Aidan smiles, his eyes becomes all slitty and small..

At play...

Preparing for a raspberry attack~
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