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dilemma, dilemma...

Ever since our previous booked tour to Japan got cancelled, I've been procrastinating on picking our substitute holiday plan..

Having a tough time deciding where I wanna go now.Have been asking hubby what he wants and his answer is always.."Anything..Up to you!"..Bah!..And I'm so minute I'm more inclined towards Australia relax and freeze my butt off but in the next instance, I start thinking that Europe would be a good choice sounds [& Paris is so romantic] but I've always wante to go to Japan..*arghh* Choices, choices!

a) Sydney & Melbourne (7 D) [free & easy]
Never been to Sydney ..heard it's really nice..
Been to it there...Planning to go skiing at Mount Buller and spending abt 3 nights at Crown Towers..Gonna be more of a relaxing trip for this choice..

* tickets to Melbourne & Sydney fully booked till early next month *wail*...
** Hubby called after reading my journal and said if he really really have to make a choice, he would leave out Australia since we are travelling w/out Aidan now so we should make the best of it and go further since we can always go to Sydney & Melbourne with the li' one sometime next year especially since it's so nearby :)

b) Switzerland + Paris (10D) [tour]
Haven't been to both places but hubby has..he ain't that keen on Switzerland..said it's boring but added that Paris is nice..Looks kinda hectic tho..

c) Japan - Hokkaido & Tokyo (7D) [tour]
This is a more scenic option where one gets to witness the bloom of lavenders in Hokkaido..Lotsa gardens and temples to look at..and 2 nights at Tokyo with one day spent in Disneyland..Honestly, I'm not really into flowers and beautiful landscapes..hmmm..I'm more of an urban sorta person.

d) Vancouver (free and easy) and maybe the Canadian Rockies..
This is more to indulge hubby since he has never been there ..though it's summer now, probably abt 31 to 32 degrees so it's gonna really warm tho less humid than Singapore..

e) New York & Niagara Falls (9D) [tour]
Haven't been to both places..Always wanted to check out what New York's like and seein the falls will be great too..


Ever since alisonrae posted the link of this blog on her LJ, the blog's url has been passed around and it caused a 'minor uproar' with the mummies on this online parenting community ...everyone was raving about how romantic and sensitive the writer is and wishing that their spouses could be just like him..

Well,I have to admit..I had the same thoughts too. Sometimes, it will so great if my husband would be more vocal and expressive with his feelings and write beautiful prose and poetry for me..But for him, having to write a 50 words 'essay' on a birthday card was already torturous. That was one of requests for one of my birthdays and he ended up writing Happy Birthday Angie!! repeatedly till it reached the 50 words quotient *sigh* And the only sort of poetry he can recite is of the "Why is the sky so high, birdshit in the eye, knnbccb" ilk..Oh, and you should hear the teochew ditties that he sings to Aidan, it will make u blush (well, that is if u understand the dialect)..!

But still..I shouldn't complain. Although he ain't that open and vocal abt his feelings, he is still a wonderful husband who never fails to make me laugh at his corny jokes and be moved by the little things he does that shows that he cares ...and I so love the way he is with involved daddy whose highlight of the day he says, is to come back home and see the li' one smiling at him...

Hmm...hubby's asking me where I would like to go for my birthday dinner..Darn, it's been a while since I went for fine dining..and with all the restaurants closing and new ones reopening, I really don't know which places have nice ambience and good food..will probably have to refer to 8 days as a guide :P..


(Proof that Aidan doesn't always have a dao expression.....)

Daddy's Home..

Someone's at the door...

Love me Love me~!

Hmm..will I look as craggy as u in 30 years time??

Yeah..sometimes I do get a li' jealous coz Aidan seems to reserve the biggest and brightest smile for his dad..

[ eating fruits in the middle of the night considered snacking? I'm hungry :( ]
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