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Smokey Dream

Had a funny dream..Hmmmm. Any Sigmund Freud wannabes around?

Dream that I'd given birth already. The setting seems to be in the hospital but there was no signs of the baby around. And the first thing I did..,was to jump out of my bed and asked for a cig from hubby. I then went outside, stood down like some chao ah lian and started to tarik like crazy Then *poof*..I woke up. Weird eh!!

Darn..funny time to be craving for cigarettes [that's my intepretation anyway]. I'd actually stopped cold turkey since I discovered I was preggy in early April of this year and was suffering like crazy for the 1st 1 month of abstinence [didn't help that I stopped my other habit of drinking 2 cans of coke everyday too]. My body w/o it's daily nicotine and caffeine intake was causing me to feel ultra crazy then. Fortunately, I felt much better after abt 2 mths later. Well, it also helped that I was constantly barfing away in the loo so that I didn't have much time to think about my cravings..

Will I go back to smoking? I don't know man..I know I won't smoke if I'm breastfeeding so....Yeah, Discipline. That's what I need!! Now, mebbe I can try to convince hubby to stop smoking~~
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