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noisy saturday~~

*sigh* My blissful days are over..That will teach me to secretly gloat when other moms lament to me that their babies hardly sleep in the day..Since abt 3 days back, Aidan has started to nap lesser in the daytime and to make things worse, he has also gotten noiser too. No longer those soft babyish cries...they are now replaced by loud moans, grunts and sobs. And putting him to sleep at night has gotten tougher too. Previously, it was so easy..Usually, after his last feed, he'll be so mabok and we'll just plonk him on the bed , leave him alone, and he'll sleep within the next minute or two..Now, instead of looking sleepy after his last feed, he'll be so bright and if asking us to play with him..and when we put him in to bed and make our way out, his smile will turn into a frown and start moaning the minute he sees us creeping away.. For some of the nights, I'd to breastfeed him till he becomes really groggy then I can finally make him sleep in his cot..Hubby is ever so thankful that I'm still breastfeeding or else he may end up with sleepless nights too. Guess I should also start doing somethin else like reading to him before sleeptime.. which is something I've been neglecting to do lately ..

My li' drummer boy :)
(oh yeah Clare..hubby said it wasn't a good idea to have a percussion set in the house and I sorta agree with him now *earache*..too late tho hehe )


I think my golf stokes have improved..even my golf instructor praised me a fair bit today :D....I guess this game really needs a lot of practising in order for one to get a hang of [we've been going to the driving range every Wednesday evening to practice]...At least the ball now flies up beautifully when I hit it and there are no longer any embarrassing swish sounds due to me completely miss the ball while attempting to drive it...(I do hit the ground once in a while though)..I think the tough part was letting the left hand 'take over'..but once u allow it to and will ur right hand not to be forceful at all, everything seems easier.

Went to watch T3 after golf...Some parent had brought their child young (abt 3/4 years of age I think) to the movie and throughout the show, he was making so much noise..repeating some of the dialogue (especially Arnie's) at times and making loud oooh and ahhs..(he was the lone ooher) and squealing once in a while ..His parents just let him continue making all that din through out the show..Sorta marred my movie viewing experience altho the movie sucked imo so he simply just made it worse. I dunno....I mean I have a child so I shouldn't be so critical of parents wanting to bring their kids to the movies but I wonder if they realise that they are spoiling the show for others...And don't tell me that those irritated tsk and looks of displeasure from pple around them don't bother them at all? It's really no difference to that of a handphone going off in the theatre then..

I dunno..I'm sure I will at least leave the theatre if that happens..and probably just get the dvd it's on sale if it's a show I was dying to watch...

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