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bah..hatchday anni~

Yesterday [on the mobile]:
Me : Hi dear..wanna meet me later for dinner..I will be in town with Aidan in the evening..
Hubby :*silence for a while* Errrr..errr..if I have dinner with you, I won't have time to buy your birthday present..I can still have dinner with you and Aidan if u want me to but that means...
Me : *pause*..Hmmm, I'll handle dinner myself..ta~~~

Hmm...last minute shopping as usual :D..Looks like it may not be vouchers afterall since he seems to be making some effort..oh, but then again, he could be buying the vouchers from some shopping mall..arghh...Ok ok, I should be grateful he remembers but it's nice that he's getting me something.. Am wondering where he's planning to bring me for dinner later tho he did ask me to meet him at the Esplanade

I'M 34 TODAY!!! ~~GAH!
Oh..and Aidan turned 7 months today too ...
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Baby Chatter~

Took Aidan for a trial class at Gymboree at Tanglin Mall together with ashleyneo and Tiffany. It was okay..I liked the gym equipments there..especially the slides though the parachute looks kinda old and dirty..bleah! And the gym-instructor was fairly hands-off compared to Little Gym..Will probably sign Aidan with Little Gym cept that he will have to wait till I'm back from the holiday...

I think I'm pretty sure that Aidan's scared of older girls only. He was such a dear to Tiffany..the minute both Aidan & Tiffany were on the mat, they started 'chatting' with each other and making hand/arms signals too..Aidan actually reached out to grab/hug Tiffany and she didn't mind at all..Even when we went to the baby changing room to change their diapers, Aidan reached out and held Tiffany's hands while both of them were lying down on the changing mat..Tsk, buaya boy!
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