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oh happy day~~

Thanks for your lovely birthday greetings/smses/ecards~~ !!

This afternoon, hubby called and told me that he had gotten my birthday card, present and flowers too! I was like eh, how come this year so special..?! Got flowers??

This was the flower he got me...


Okay, actually, he used to always give me flowers when we were courting and during our first year of marriage but I told him to stop buying them 'cause I always felt sad whenever they started wilting and so he did. I have to admit, I did miss getting those lovely flowers but I'm really okay with not getting them tho (save money too)...And this li' toy flower is really cute and Aidan gets to chomp on it too :D...

This evening, after disembarking at the Esplanade, I realised in horror that I'd left my handphone in the cab..Losing my handphone on my birthday definitely ain't a good sign.Fortunately, I happened to see hubby walking along the 2nd floor corridor and he was just calling me on the handphone...We rang my phone several times but no one picked it up..Hubby started to gloat and said.."I think you can draw with me now!"

You see..between both of us, we'd managed to lose a total of 7 handphones (and destroyed a couple more but that's another story)..Currently, our tally is 3:4 (he's 4)..[A pal of mine actually said she can make quite abit just by tailing us and picking up our 'lost' handphones & resell them]..Anyway, there he was, smiling gleefully at his very bek chek wife who was repeatedly dialingl her own no. hoping that the cabdriver will pick it up..Hubby quipped :"No hope liao lah..Usually if no one picks up, means gone case liao!"...Grrrrr...But, after he said that, the cab-driver picked up the fone and apologized for not answering earlier as he was driving on the highway..and said he would gostan and return to where he dropped me to return my phone. I looked up from the phone and saw my hubby's crestfallen face...

Didn't understand why he acted so till he handed me my birthday present. This is what he got me

A Sony Ericsson T610 in Volcanic Red
He had bought the one in blue for himself.
We now have matching phones
(the only other time we ever had matching phones was when we first met each other)

Couldn't believe it man..I'd always wanted a camera phone (you know me & camera lah) and I'd been eyeing this phone for awhile but had thought that it was expensive and was actually planning to buy it for hubby because I knew he liked it just as much..but he had preempted me and gotten it for me instead. Man..I am so touched!! It's truly a lovely & useful present!!! But darn, now I'm feeling pressurized coz this would mean I have to do one better for his birthday..~And oh yeah, I better not lose this phone man!!

*He said when he heard that I lost my phone, he thought that the timing couldn't be better because of the gift..heh..That was why he was smiling away like a chesire cat when he heard I'd left it in the cab and thought that it was gone for good.

**Oh yeah, I didn't get the cab driver's name but it was a Tibs cab and his car plate is SHB 223T..will be writing a letter to Tibs to thank the cabdriver..:)


Dinner was at this Spanish restaurant (erm, didn't catch the name)..I had grilled lobster and hubby had a huge servings of pork knuckles..which I had to help himf finish heh~ I'm still bloated!!

I ♥ my hubby :)

I ♥ my little family :)
hee..Aidan was just about to sneeze in this picture..~~

I'm a truly blessed lady..ain't I :)

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Jul. 25th, 2003 05:11 am (UTC)
I've bought mine! I tried it out at the M1 shop and was having second thoughts because I found the interface so different from Nokia. When I was at the counter I said I wanted the Nokia 6100 and the salespeople did a good job of convincing me to buy the T610 instead. I have it in volcanic red, it's really "chio" and I like it's looks but I have to get used to the new user interface...
Jul. 25th, 2003 07:53 am (UTC)
Yeah totally agree with u abt the interface part..I've been using Nokia for ages and have gotten so used to it that the T610 feels so strange and hard to get used to. Takes time I guess..
Heh..that means we have the same phone now :) Ya..I like the red too..suitable color for ladies!