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the young and the restless~

Male Bonding~

Brought Aidan to another session of Little Gym in the morning....The regulars of Little Gym which comprised of Lilyhappyqile,Clare chayhm, June bbhome and Gwynnekoalababy and their babies were there so I was with good company. I do prefer LG compared to Gymboree ..have made up my mind to sign up for it and hopefully, the other mummies are intending to sign on another session..

Went shopping abt town after that when ashleyneo joined us..I have to say I'm amazed by the stamina of June & Gwynne, who were slinging their 9kg babies in their sarong slings as we walked from Forum Galleria to Paragon..Both I and Ashley took the easy way out by bringing our strollers along..Aidan was poofed after the workout at Little Gym so he slept a fair bit while we shopped..

We had quite a fun time at the Takashimaya Baby Changing/Nursing Room..where we let our babies sit by themselves on the changing cubicles while us mummies looked on and started snapping pics of them as they play and interacted with each other..June's Ryan was the most hyper - jumping about and attempting to stand, grinning and wanting to make friends with all the babies..Ashley's Tiffany was the only gal amongst the 3 boys so she was the centre of attraction..and Gwynne's Evan was rather solemn most of the time..tho he did hugged Aidan a couple of times :)

Baby Play Pics :

The Boys are back in town~
(left : Evan, Aidan and cheeky li' Ryan..)

The Young & the Restless...

Oblivious Aidan as Ryan makes his move on Tiffany...

Girls are so fickle..*sigh*

More pics here ( together with those taken at Little Gym ) and at bbhome's LJ..

Had my golf session in the evening and when I'm back home and I was aching a little when I was practising my strokes..Probably overdid it a li' during the morning LG..

Everything about this year feels special to me...and we seem to celebrate li' occasions even more..and I have to say the main reason is because of the inclusion of the wee one..

The last few years as DINK were fun but I have to admit, our way of life didn't change drastically after we got married as we were already staying together for a while before we got hitched so we were used to each other's chaoquan-ess..It was really no different from the days before we were married..

But with the arrival of Aidan, our lives have changed...and for once, I feel really truly married because of this li' one whom we brought to this world..As I'd said before (yeah it's a clique), he makes us feel complete..

Birthdays are seriously not a big deal for both of us..we do give presents and all but I guess it's usually sorta a routine thingy. But this's different and to a certain extent more meaningful (like how I felt abt Mother's Day/Father's Day/Valentine's Day )..And I'm so looking foward to his birthday, Aidan's birthday & Christmas Day :) It's all because it's our first year together as a family :) ♥

Gah..I should stop being so mushy!! It's just not me!
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