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Lately, the li' bugger has a penchant for feeding himself instead of me propping up the milk bottle for him..At times, he'll suckle halfway and simply stop and glare at me..won't drink no matter how much I try to insert the teats of the milk bottle into his mouth..So, I'll just place him in his cot, prop him up with a pillow and hand him the bottle and he'll just finish up the entire contents in the milk by himself..not a drip left and no overflow to his neck or bib..In fact this morning, when hubby was bottle-feeding him, he said that Aidan held the bottle throughout the feed...:)


And yesterday for the first time, I saw a li' tuff of hair standing up after he woke up from his nap..yeah, no big deal for most babies but for Aidan, the was a novelty to me since his hair was never long enough to stand..Thought he looked really cute..


Went to Eleanor's terminalcase42 & Xin Yao's troubadour42 place after our weekly golf lessons for some makan & mahjong/games session...Tapowed the famous Eng Seng Restaurant Pepper Crab there and XY together with Andrew andrewchia went to the Old Airport Road and bought a whole loadful of food from there too. The spread was scrumptuous especially since the food from the Old Airport Road's stalls are also really famous and yummy and they bought only the best stuff from there. So, just among 7 of us, we had kway chap [huge servings of the tee huang *slurp*], carrot cake, wonton mee, satay, char kway teow + the pepper crabs I brought..We even had some leftovers for auntyadele and joeaustin who arrived really really late...about 11+pm..

We also managed to catch the fireworks ..beautiful I must say though loud...Aidan was stunned a little but fortunately, he didn't cry. Mahjong was fun..I lost 30 bucks but my hubby won 30bucks so it was even :D..Couldn't stay on to play games with them coz our mj session ended late and I'd to go home to put Aidan to bed...

Aidan munchin on my flower!!
[Just abt to leave for Eleanor's place..]

2 babies & 4 ladies~~
from left : moxielass, moi and droolin Aidan.., terminalcase42 with her darling twinkle42, tinymich

The yummy food *burp*


For the first time, we'd actually let Aidan stayed outside way past his bedtime..He had refused to take his nap earlier on, wanting to play and was really hyper but in the end, he managed to sleep abt 1hr ...According to Eleanor, he woke up ..saw her (a stranger) there and started crying..poor fella..probably not used to being in a strange place/bed. Managed to put him to sleep when we came back home but he woke up crying at abt 3am..A li' breastfeedin and he was zonked out again..I think we better not try to break from his schedule too often ...
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