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Slow Sunday...

In my Sunday's Best :D~~

Yesterday, we were at Goodwood Park Hotel having tea, snacks and durian puffs..*yumz*

Saw this nun with her secular companions there having tea..When they'd finished their meal, they went to the counter where the durian puffs were being sold and started talking to the saleslady there..The nun was looking at the different durian puffs displayed at the counter..and she actually reached inside the counter, picked up a megapuff, held it in her palms, squeezed it a little and sniffed at it..Both I and hubby were watching her and we were both saying out loud.."She'd better not....." and SHE DID! She placed it back onto the plate where she took it from..And I'm sure the saleslady saw it coz she was chatting with the nun and her companions when this was taking place and she didn't do anything about it..Yecks!!!There it was..that piece of soiled durian megapuff sitting right on top of the plate of Megapuffs..bleah..

Hmm..and on the subject of nuns..I dunno but I thought that they are supposed to give up 'worldly pleasures' but I've been seeing them in hotels, restaurants eating good food and driving around in Mercs. I remember another incident when I was at Hagen Daz's and there were this group of nuns sitting next to us, having their icecream. When it was billing time, 2 of the nuns whipped out their gold credit cards and another one took out a wad of notes (all in 50s) and insisted on paying for the meal..The one with the cash won eventually...


Our friend, Roger just returned from Cambodia for a short visit and he brought for Aidan some clothes which he'd gotten from the factories there (who manufactures clothes for the major brands)..Unfortunately, Aidan can't wear them coz most of the stuff he gave us look like this..*pengz*

the rest of the stuff can be seen here :)

Thanks Roger anyway :)


Hubby suggested we should start having a more healthy lifestyle aka exercising more..I guess he's hinting to me that I've gotten a little tall horizontally..Anyway, I've been wanting to be more active too I was pretty game for anything..

So, yesterday morning, we started our first attempt at going to the gym downstairs..It wasn't too bad actually..Did the bicycle thing (whatever is that called), the stairmasters and walked/ran a fair bit on the dreadtreadmills..

It actually felt good to be exercising. I think I can chase after a bus now without huffin and puffin like an old lady.. Our weekly golf sessions helps alot I guess..It may seem like not much strength/effort is needed for golf but one does get tired by simply driving the ball repeatedly..

And starting from tomorrow, I will be starting my swimming lessons *yipeee~*..Hopefully, by the end of next month, I would be able to swim like a fish and lose a few pounds along the way too!!!!

okay..we were debating over this..should one eat (jus a li') before exercising or exercise with an empty stomach..I was saying the former and hubby argued the latter..
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