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Just another day...

but the *&^%$% pimple still remains..*sigh*
I love it when Aidan laughs..his eyes go missing and his cheeks are so chubby :)

At Play :)

Aidan clinging tightly to hubby...

Last night..while hubby was clowning ard with Aidan..the li' bugger looked so stern while he was in 'the air' but the moment we carried him down, he started giggling away..hmm..Maybe he has a phobia of heights~especially since hubby is abt 1.8m tall...

Travel plans to New York has been pushed to a later date : 5th September. Main reason is that most of the Northwest Airlines tickets to New York have been sold out and the earliest date after the 20th August is 5th Sept. [booked already!!].and secondly, the plan is to be in New York when Michelle tinymich is there so that she can bring us around...*yeah*..we're planning to drive to Woodbury Common Factory Outlet and spend an entire day there.Mega Shopping time!!! And yeah, moonberry, drinks & dinner with you & S/O too eh!!

Am checking to see whether I can book the Broadway musicals online and have found this site....the tiks are so expensive man..@100 I'll probably just watch 2 at the most..Am now deciding on Hairspray, which I heard is fabulous and Rent or Chicago..Darn..we'll probably be spending a fortune there man!

Instead of Las Vegas, we have decided to go Atlantic City instead..which is known as a poor man's Las Vegas..well after 7 nights/8 days in NY, we will definitely be poor so just as well...This will save us quite a fair bit coz if we go to LV, it will cost us more than USD400 per person for the airtickets and accomodation alone.

Hmm do u think we should travel there at the anniversary of 9/11? Hubby was a li' worried but I'd assured him that it should be alright..tho I have to admit, I did have a li' reservations too

This is hilarious..According to talkingcock, this is supposed to be the proposed poster by Morally Outraged Rightwingers Resisting Openly Nursing Singaporeans (MORRONS), to replace the controversial one...

This section of the article caused me to guffaw -

People also criticized MORRONS’ design as being unrepresentative.

"At best, Singaporean women’s breasts are more like pears than papayas", said Mr. Quah Tay Teck. "To tell you the truth, they’re not even like fruit. They’re more like fried eggs". is sorta insulting or rather demeaning to [Singaporean] womenfolks but it's meant to be a joke..:P~
For the entire article, go here

Hee..I think is getting back on track wasn't that funny for a while but these few days, some of the stuff written are really good!
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