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Baby Aidan Update

Baby Aidan now weighs abt 2.5 kg and according to my gynae, Dr Tan, he's gonna be a really big baby, at the rate he is growing..Wow, Aidan actually grew 0.5kg in 2 weeks. Dr Tan says that the last one month will see a spurt in the babe's growth so he estimates Aidan to be over 3.5 kg when borne. My weight seems to have stabilised at abt 60 kg so it means I've put on abt 12 kg in abt 1/4 of the weight is the baby and the rest is either water/nutrients or fats hehehe. Dr Tan was unable to take a 3D pic of baby as his head was facing the other way *sigh*..will have to attempt it again in my next visit.

Have booked the birth date to be on the 23rd December. Dr Tan says that I would need to check-in to the hospital on the 22nd and the op will take place in the morning so by X'mas time, I should be able to come back home to rest :). Anyway, he did mention that is a chance that Aidan may choose to arrive earlier than our planned date.

Spoke to mom at lengths over the phone yesterday morning. According to her, she had a tough labour with the girls and the boys were easy birth. She said that all her 4 children had arrived before the due date..I had arrived abt 2 weeks early and had weighed abt 2.8 kg. The smallest of her children was my bro (3rd youngest in family) who was over a month pre-mature and he weighed slightly less than 2kg. The other 2 kids (my eldest sis and youngest bro arrived abt a few days early and were both over 3kg). But darn, all my siblings grew up to be much taller than me [2nd youngest bro is abt 1.8m, sis is abt 1.64m, I'm 1.56m *sob*]. Mom says it was because I was a real fussy eater when young and used to spit out the food at my nanny who had a real tough time feeding me. If I'd known *sigh*, I would have gobbled up everything in sight but it's kinda late now.

I remember all 4 of us used to hate the time when we forced to drink our daily intake of cod liver oil [bleah]. I think I spitted out most of it :P~ But we loved our Flintstones vitamins and Ribena drinks [mummy says it's good for u :) ].

Well, hopefully, Aidan will not be a fussy eater like me. Mom was saying that it could be pay-back time soon [arghhhh!!]..aiyoh, how could she cuss me?! Can't wait..just a few more weeks time!!!!!

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