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a lengthy update!

Signed up Aidan for Little Gym at last..They allowed me to piggyback on the current 'Little Bug' session so it's 6 sessions instead of the standard 10, which is good 'coz that means the end of the entire class will be about the time just before we leave for New York..Am taking the Thursday morning class but I need to have a 'make-up' session for this Saturday..Hubby's gonna go with me tomorrow so that he can be the one exercising with Aidan instead of me *yeah* :D..

Aidan's been making good progress in crawling..but I think when he sees me, he tends to slack a little...when we were at Little Gym and I had to handle the registration, I left Aidan with Cory, the gym instructor and some other babies on the playmat..Apparently, Aidan was crawling pretty well with Cory's encouragement..and then Aidan saw me..and he simply stopped attempting to crawl, flopped onto his stomach, looked at me with his watery eyes and wail for me..*sigh*..This is not very good~

Pics taken @Thursday Little Gym...
Ding Dong Bells~

3 'an's and an e~~
Top row : 9 month-ers - Gabe & Ryan...
Bottom row : 7 month-ers - Aidan & Evan.

Lookin really serious...

The babies captivated by.....

Cory, the gym instructor who was singing nursery rhymes to them...

Ring my bell~~

*sigh* my grouch!


Aidan doesn't wave ..he does the 'hail hitler' greeting instead.....

And he doesn't just salivate now..he drips heaps and heaps of drool and leaves pools of saliva everywhere. The bibs I put ard his neck gets drenched in a mere few minutes..wonder whether he'll stop drooling that much when his teeth does sprout out entirely..Can see and feel hard li' whitish stuff at his gums and he's been really grouchy at night and wouldn't sleep even though he's sleepy. I guess my hoping that the teething stage can pass 'peacefully' may not happen..

@hair & skin..
Ok..if u ever find strands of white hair on your head, never assume that once u pull it out (and make huge dead knots on it), it will never grow back..or that if it does, it will grow back black in color..They do come back and it remains white..even though u've pulled out the roots..Bleah! Now I've 2 baby 'white' hair standing coz they are so freaking short..Bopienz...I've pulled them out already and this time coz I look so silly..

*sigh*..can't believe I have white hair sprouting all over. I thought one gets white hair only when they are really stressed out..oh, yeah and when they get really really old..arghh... Serves me right for gloating at my sis who had white hair when she was in her mid 20s..I gotta stop gloating I tell ya~

Eh..and why issit that I'm like over 30 and still having acne..I thought that once I've passed puberty, I'll be saved and have flawless complexion but nooooo..hate it man. And it's not that I do not have a proper skin regime.I use facial wash/toner for sensitive skin and moisturizer for oily skin (and..I must have both sensitive and oily skin bleah)..I'm home most of the time so my skin is make-up free then but I do wear makeup when I go out tho..(unless I'm just making a trip to the supermarket)..Everytime I see someone with flawless complexion, I will just ogle enviously ...arghh..

Rachel sonday and her hubby found a lost pomeranian..they tried for weeks to look for its owners but so far no luck..Now, they are looking for someone who loves dog to adopt the li' dog..He's really a sweet dog..really affectionate and well trained..I believe if they didn't have 3 large labs, Rachel & her hub would have kept the dog..
Went over with Aidan this evening to go check out the dog and to see li' Ryan as well..

What? U mean this pail of toys belong to the dog?

*sigh*..oh well~
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