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I dunno why but I found this pic kinda Matrix-like~!
And Aidan looks like a baby-Neo hehe...

Yeah, Little Gym again today..did the same exercises cept that this time round, I had hubby with me so he was the one who got to carry the not-that-light li' one about. Hubby actually said that he was aching 'cause Aidan seemed to be getting heavier n heavier and by the end of the session, he was exhausted (my hubby, not Aidan)..And I had all the time to relax and take numerous pics of the wee one.. We should do this more often :)


Why is it that driving brings out the worst in people? Hubby is one of the most laidback, easy going fella I've ever known..Between both of us, I'm the one who's more impulsive and tend to lose my temper more easily though my anger does blow over pretty quickly too. We really don't quarrel/disagree much for a married couple 'coz we are pretty nonchalent abt stuff and let one other have our way most of the time..

But when he's driving, he's a completely different person..He' s so darn aggressive and yaya-papaya on the road!! If someone cuts into his lane (even if they indicate), that fella's in the wrong..if he tries to cut into someone's lane and the other car refuses to budge, the latter is also in the wrong..hmmm.. He always tells me that it's safer to be an aggressive than careful [translate :cowardly] driver coz it prevents accidents more ..somehow, he has managed to get a clean record [no speeding tickets] for the longest time..though how he did it, I really don't know.

When I told him how I felt abt his driving, he claims that it's a well-known theory that people are generally bastards when they are driving..even a cartoon character..and cited the example of Goofy [friend of Mickey Mouse]..He said he saw this on cartoon network before. In that cartoon, Goofy was one heck of a nice guy who wouldn't even step on an ant..but when he is on the road, his personality changes and will start cussing n swearin at drivers/jay walkers who gets in his way..*sigh* I can't believe he is using Goofy as a reason to justify his actions on the wheel~
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