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sitting up unaided :)

Hee..the not-that-wee one sat up on his own today!!

This morning, I was encouraging him to crawl on the ABC mat...the li' bugger moved and squirmed as usual and then, he suddenly propped himself up and sat on his butt! I was like..fwah! So clever heh..I quickly put him on his back..to see if he would do it again and got the camcorder ready..and sure enough, he flipped himself over, started moving forward and voila, sat up on his own again :)

The problem is..he's now sorta too lazy to crawl for long..he'll crawl for a while, sit up, flops his arms about like a mother hen and gazes at me with his watery eyes, expecting me to carry/play with him..*sigh*

Here's a video of him sitting up unaided (both same images)
a) Only 139kb but kinda fuzzy..
b) 1.53mb but much clearer..

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Aug. 3rd, 2003 10:35 pm (UTC)
Ahhh so smart! Looks like he's getting bigger and stronger.. Soon he'll be walking and running before you know it! :)

The other vid is really much clearer!
Aug. 3rd, 2003 10:43 pm (UTC)
heh..i will definitely have a headache when he starts walkin/runnin..sure gonna be a terror.

Yeah i realised that the smaller vid is kinda blurish...cant really see his face ..
Aug. 4th, 2003 02:50 am (UTC)
And he actually looks good at balancing himself.. Heh all you hard work bringing him to the gym paid off lah! When is he expected to take his first step? :)
Aug. 4th, 2003 06:31 am (UTC)
First unaided steps probably between 11 months to 1year+..it depends i guess...not gonna rush him :)