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Water Babies~


Brought Aidan for a swim with Rachel and Ryan yesterday.Had stopped for a while because he fell ill abt a month back and also, some of our neighbours in our condo had actually gotten dengue fever then so I thought it was safer not to go down to the condo grounds that often..

The li' bugger enjoyed his swim tremendously..He wasn't that excited in the float but I just wanted him to get a feel of the water first and let him kick about in the float before he went in and he was actually starting to have fun in the float as he managed to kick his way about the li' pool..After I took him outta the float and start guiding him into the pool, he was so excited and started splashing the water, kicking his feet about. Even when i let him glide backwards with his head partially in the water which made him drink a li' of the pool water, he didn't fuss and just continued giggling and splashing about.

Must ask hubby to bring him down during the weekends so that I can capture all this on the camcorder :)

Sadly, my swimming lesson today was cancelled..It was Murphy's Law at work. The lesson was scheduled for 10.30am this morning..At @9.30am, the skies was dark and it was thundering already and when the instructor called, the rain had started to fall so we decided to postpone it till 3.30pm ..and lo and behold, the rain stopped at about 10.30am and it was clear skies for a while..then, at about 2.30pm, the skies darkened and it started raining cats and dogs..and so we decided to postpone the lesson till tomorrow..And yeah, the sky decided to mock us by stopping the rain and clearing the dark clouds..*arghhh*


I don't know but it seem like all our babies have been pretty grouchy at night these days..Yesterday was one of the worst night for me..

I'd tried substituting the last night formula feed with breastfeeding and the first try the day before worked well. Aidan slept through. Yesterday however, it didn't work. He slept at 9pm and at about 12 midnight, he woke up crying...Immediately breastfed him and he suckled for close to an hour and tried putting him back onto the cot..bugger refused to sleep and started wailing again..this time round, hubby tried cuddling him, singing to him softly..he quietened down but as soon as he was placed in the cot, he cried again..we then took him to our bedroom as hubby needed to sleep and I tried breastfeeding him lying down..and this lasted for another 1 1/2 hours..he did suckle, but he was very active with his eyes wide open and kept on using his other hand to punch his daddy in his face while his other hand was on my breast *headache* . He simply refused to sleep!!! I was so darn tired..He seemed to wanna feed forever....

In the end, I gave up *sigh*.I fed him abt 150ml of formula milk..and after a while, placed him in the cot and he finally slept. It was almost 4am then..and he woke up bright and early at 8am today

Not sure why he was so fussy yesterday..It could be that he was still hungry and being used to his formula milk which tend to be more 'filling', he felt that he didn't have enough ..esp since since he was so used to sleeping with a full stomach. It could be also because he was teething and so he was feeling really irritable..or that it could be because of the afternoon swim, he was overly stimulated and thus didn't wanna sleep..

I'm so darn sleepy and sore now...

Did I do all that???

I'm sorry mommy..I'll try not to do it again~
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