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Mags Mad

Darn..was looking out for the pink shawl that comes together with the Dec issue of Her World [bumper issue man!!]. Seems like every lady in S'pore was buying that magazine. Yesterday, hubby tried looking at several magazine stalls and petrol stations and they were all sold out. I went looking today and finally spotted one mag shop selling the mag but they only have the red shawl available..arghh!! Bopien! I've already got pashima shawls in black, brown and one in an orangey hue and I'd wanted to get a pink one. Well, what to do..! Beggars can't be choosers.

Anyway, hubby was commenting that I really spend a lot on magazines..which I have to agree with him *contrite*. My list of must-buy magazines every month includes Her World, Female, Cleo, Elle, FHM [local version] (yeah, I justify the buy by saying it's for him) , Woman's Weekly and InStyle [US version] . Sometimes, I would spurge a bit more and buy some other misc magazines like those tabloid mags like New Idea, Who, People's Mag and US. I used to buy Entertainment Weekly regularly but the magazine's kinda expensive [@$11] so it really depends on the content. I do read all the magazines from beginning to end and most of the time, that's where i obtain my 'trivial' knowledge of the entertainment and fashion industry from...My frens love to come over to my place to read my mags, especially those from the States. Most of the time, I will give them the older mags which i've read and put aside. I haven't got around to buying those Parenting magazines yet and I guess I will when the babe's borne coz I can really do with some tips on child-rearing. wondering whether we should put up the X'mas tree this year. Very unlikely that we would have a X'mas gathering in view that I may be spending X'mas in the hospital. Am feeling too lazy to decorate the tree too..don't feel very creative leh. :P~~ Don't know why..not really in a X'masy mood this year. Bah!

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