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a toy, a tooth and time for a break :)

Look at my clownmobil~~

Vrroom..Vrrooom..Schumacher, eat your heart out~!!

Haven't been buying much toys for Aidan ...the last item he had was the exersaucer and it was given to him by his grandparents..As for the rest of the toys he's been playing with, they were either gifts from the 1st month celeb or from his grandparents. So today, I bought him a super-dooper biggie toy ..a Fisher-Price Slide to Ride walker...I think he's still too young for it though, since he's only learning how to crawl so far..He can take his time to learn to stand and walk..:)

The li' bugger's first teeth has sprouted out too..not the entire teeth tho, jus a top part of it and it's darn sharp! Am not gonna try takin pics of it coz my many attempts at just having a closer look at it has caused many bite marks on my imagine if I was armed with a camera....But heh, here's another milestone reached...:)

We may be going down to a beach resort at Port Dickson next weekend with 2 of our other couple friends (together with their kids)..And yes, we intend to bring Aidan along.. Our New York holiday plans are on though..This is just a short weekend trip with good friends.Should be fun especially they are also bringing their children along...

I guess this is more of a 'guilt' trip to make it up to Aidan..since we're gonna be leaving him for almost 2 weeks in September...The thing is hubby is unable to take leave on Friday so we would either have to drive in at night (it's a 3 hours drive to Port Dickson) or leave early next morning for the resort. Am not sure whether to go at night because hubby has never driven down to Malaysia before and I'm not familar with Malaysia roads either...Am wondering whether the signs/directions to Port Dickson will be very clear..Don't wanna end up in KL..

Had just applied for his passport online..and it was so tough to snap his passport pic..he simply refuses to look directly into the camera..In the end, the only pic that came out somewhat decent was this...

A very stoned & crossed-eyed looking Aidan..


I have to admit..the bomb blast at Jakarta has rattled me a not that sure now whether going to New York during the anniversary of 9/11 is such a good idea especially since there are reports that the JI may launch more attacks in the States..But we are still going nevertheless...Am trying not to let it mar our holiday plans..

But u know..the report of the latest terrorist attack didn't shock me as much as the Bali attack or even the 9/11, even though many of injured were Singaporeans.I don't know whether it's because because I'm getting immune to all this chaos around us..Am I the only one who feels this way?
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