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I told ya I can't do splits!!!

Aidan lookin really blur..just before his bedtime...

Li' bugger was kinda fussy during little gym session today.. He was sleepy coz I'd woken him up from his nap earlier on and also, his gums are probably irritating him like crazy..the tiny li' tooth has sprouted out even more though it's still impossible to get a pic of it..

Didn't take any pics today coz stupid me forgot to load the battery into the cam *sigh*..After the gym session, us four mummies (me + bbhome, koalababy, sonday) decided to check out the Mothercare sale at Marina Square so we had to take the MRT from the Orchard station to Raffles station..

The train was fairly packed..and all the seats were taken when we entered the cabin..One kind fella stood up..and jus stepped one of us moms (cant remember who) took it first..and then interestingly, almost everyone in that row started to vacate their seats and offered it to us. We were left with so many seats to choose from. It felt good knowing that pple bothered to offer us their seats especially since this really doesn't happen very often.. We must have been quite a sight I guess..4 moms with 4 noisy li' boys..2 in strollers and and 2 tucked in their sarong slings.. !!

But I tell ya..!! Singapore subways are really not baby (stroller) friendly..the escalators are so narrow and steep and going at such a high speed ..there are no lifts and the stairs were just as daunting....Imagine, just from Orchard to Marina Square (via Citilink) alone, we had to navigate the strollers through at least 7 escalators!! Thankfully, we had 2 mummies with slings to help us, especially since we were carrying shopping bags too!

Okay..ICA rejected Aidan's passport pic..not coz he looked too stoned...These were the reasons they gave..

1. Has shadows around the image
2. Image background is not white in colour
3. Facial features not taken at full front view strict..Oh well, at least it wouldn't be much of a problem getting a passport pic of Aidan there at the immigration office...

Seems like the weekend break to Avilion Village Resort @Port Dickson is on track..we will be leavin on the Fri 22nd August and back on the sunday. Hubby said he is able to take leave on that day afterall so we will probably leave in the afternoon. Now, we're trying to convince our in-laws to join us too!!

We'll be bunkin in one of these water eh!!
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