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Aidan perfecting his wide-eyed puppy dog look~

Well, this was actually an attempt at taking Aidan's neat hairdo but it doesn't really show in the pictures.

Mom-in-law likes to comb his hair over (like a balding man attempting to cover his pate) after his bath and he looks sooo..erm, neat and kempt. Totally not used to it..but it will only remain this way as long as his hair is wet but when it dries up, it will go back to it's same ol' erm botak look...

National Day was a relaxing day for us..We had originally planned to go for golf practice since our lessons was cancelled but we felt sooooo lazy and didn't feel like 'exercising' so we decided to go for a massage instead.

Hubby was telling me about this great massage place at Selegie Road..apparently, his army mates had taken him there about 3 years ago and he said the Thai massage was fantastic..and one of his army mate had brought his wife along the last time and she'd told him that she had a great massage too. I was querying hubby whether that place was the sleazy sort, in view of it's location but he assured me it wasn't...

Well, he wasn't wrong. The massage was wonderful..It was definitely one of the best I've had in Singapore..The lady masseuse kneaded the muscles on my back really skillfully and it was bliss..and towards the end part of the massage, she 'flung' me about and I'd never heard my body creaked so much before..She was commenting that my body and limbs were pretty firm and solid, not unlike that of a guy (hmmm)..saying that most of the ladies she massaged tend to be very nua and soft...She asked whether I exercised alot..which of coz, I hadn't been doing much of.

The place however was quite empty..or rather, the female section was empty. I was the only one in the room (it was a big room with several mats on the floor). I asked her how was the business there and she said that it wasn't very good because they run a clean business unlike the massage place in the hotel opposite..whose speciality is liap lam pa [apparently, it cost 50 bucks for a 15 mins session]! I was like err....okay, learnt a new hokkien crude word today..Anyway, she'd sorta confirmed hubby's claim that this massage place was not of that sort ..

I wonder..why is it that the male's section includes sauna and steam room and the female's section doesn't??? Not very fair right?

Aidan's still cranky..he's been waking up a few times in the night and it usually takes a while to calm him down and to breastfeed him back to sleep.

The thing is..he is doing major havok with his singular tooth..he will basically suckle for a while, and then chomp hard with that tooth ..and after I'd reprimanded him, he will stop a while, look at me with his wide eyes and continue to suckle..and a while later...chomp! *OUCH*..

If he's like that with just one tooth, I hate to find out what he can do with his full set of teeth..urghh!
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