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Hubby just called and said he can't leave on the 5th September because his boss just told him that he would be out of the office from the 5th to the 12 Sept..Grrrrr...

Arghhh..and this gotta happen after I've confirmed and paid for the flights/hotel reservations for Las Vegas ..fortunately, I've only reserved the airtickets to New York..Gotta scramble now to see if I can change the dates of my Las Vegas bookings!! Grrrrrr........

I gotta stop cussin in front of Aidan..:P

------------------------------------------------------------- down already..

Managed to changed our air tickets to New York..departing on the 15th September instead. Incurred a USD25 bucks cancellation fees for the hotel booking in Las Vegas but realised I could probably save even some dough with my rebooking of the hotel by booking directly with them instead of using the discount website. So not that bad with that one...Am now awaiting for the reply from them regarding the change of my flight bookings to Las Vegas..

updated : It cost freaking USD100 to change the flight that would mean a total of USD200 or S$350..ouch!

Hee..we got lotsa cute big-eyed babies in livejournal...Aidan's eyes are small compared to them..

meganmacy's Macy, laurapoon's Caleb and claudiacheng's Claudia
And all of them are about the same age..born sometime in Jan 2003...
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