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Token Morning Boliao Videos :
Before shower - Aidan on his fav chair *sigh*..I think I can't let him sit there anymore. He simply cannott sit still..244kb/2.85mb
After shower - kinda stoned...getting ready for his nap...280kb/3.27mb [the pretty girl is my maid's daughter]

My nephew who is about 1 yr 7 month old (he is exactly 1 year older than Aidan) is not very vocal and has only spoken very few words (papa being the most frequent)..He has yet to call for his mom yet..Most of the time, he'll be really quiet..especially at my in-law's place.This worries his parents & grandparents a little.. With hopes that their son would improve speechwise, my bro and sis-in-law are now looking at signing him up with the Shichida method, which was highlighted in a recent Ch8 documentary called Superkids. The show had featured several children who had benefitted from the programme and who had showed off their genius and abilities. Several parents also spoke about how great the method of learning was and how their kid's learning abilities have increased by leaps and bounds trhough the Shichida method. I'm sure many parents after watching the who would be clammering to sign their kids up soon. There are several other teaching schools/methods like Glen Doman who adopts the use of flashcards for his teachings and speech and drama schools like Julia Gabriel The main similarity of these schools are that they are really really expensive!! I guess one would argue that u gotta pay for quality!

Anyway..all these talks about the various learning methods have got me wondering. Should I join in the fray and enroll Aidan in one of such schools or try to homeschool him using some of these methods? I was listening to NewsRadio today and there was this guy (cant remember his name) who was talking about a children's window of opportunity of learning..which starts as young as 6 months onwards till he is about 6. According to the Shichida website, the window of opportunity to assess the right brain is only up to 3 years old so it's better to start the child young so that he is able to benefit much later in life.

I guess this is something worth considering..If starting young would prevent the need to engage tuition teachers and making his studying life miserable, I really won't mind..According to several reviews from parents, the classes of these children are pretty fun-based and kids seem to enjoy attending them...well, not that I intend to send him to these schools right now..but am starting to read and research more about these various method of learnings. Am I turning into a kiasu mom? *shudder*

Did anyone watched Extreme Makeover earlier on Ch5? It was a makeover show with a difference..instead of superficial makeovers like a new hairdo, makeup and clothes, the participants get a new nose, new boobs..basically, a it's a real makeover. was like a X'mas bonaza for the folks who gotten the free 'plastic surgery' makeover. One lady had a nose job, liposuction, breast implants, lasik and teeth whitening..The whole works!! They all looked better after all that definitely but I wonder why they had to dressed the ladies up in such trashy outfits and thick makeup to prove how good they looked! They definitely looked better dressed casually.. And omg..that Jose Eber - the 'hairstylist to the stars' looked exactly the same 10 years ago, with his blond, straight locks and his signature cowboy hat. Talk about being in a fashion warp. Even our local David Gan changes his look more often them him [well, cept for his hairdo coz that cant be helped]..

While watching the show, I can't help feeling that having a liposuction would be an easy way out in losing all the fats around my tummy..but hee, I don't have that kinda dough to throw abt goin for plasic surgery anyway and I would rather try my best to lose my weight/fats the hard way first!

But I'm now sorta thinking really seriously about having my eyesight corrected..either going through Lasik or Wavefront. Hubby isn't so sure about it coz he says that about 10% of such eye surgeries are unsuccessful and the long term repercussion of it is not known too. Anyway, he's okay to consulting an eye doctor to discuss it further... Would be great to have 20/20 vision and not having to fumble about looking for my glasses early in the morning and spend precious time in the loo trying to put on my contacts.
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