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Popped by auntyadele's place yesterday evening with Aidan ..Aidan was very hyper and wanted to play throughout the time he was there, even though he was clearly sleepy, rubbing his eyes and all..And, he's no longer afraid of Adele's li' Tasmin any more. She was such a darling..'chatting' with him and petting him like he was her pet :) Aidan became pretty garang and tried to be close to her as much as possible..I think he became somewhat enamoured by her..well, who could resist Princess Minmin~?

Even when I was leaving their place when hubby came to fetch us at @11pm, Aidan was still pretty hyper but the minute we entered the car and I started nursing him for at most 10 seconds, the li' fella fell into a deep stupor and didn't wake up till 10.00am this morning :)

Ze lovely Princess Tas MinMin :)

Marry me!! memememe!

Aidan..ze only male surrounded by chabors!
Top : Stella tristella
Middle : Char vixette7, Ashleymoxielass, Aidan & meeee~
Bottom : Michelle tinymich, Adeleauntyadele

The rest of the pics can be seen here...

Edited :
This was taken by Eugene mfluder


Looking forward to our weekend getaway at Port Dickson this week. Our plans is to leave abt 1pm this Friday and hopefully reach there by latest 6pm..and return by Sunday early evening.

Yesterday, our pals who are coming along with us to the resort came over in the afternoon to discuss the trip..and about how we can 'share' some of our babies' food..especially since one of the mummys would be bringing a cooker there so that she can make porridge for her daughter :)..

Bibi brought her 5 mth old daughter, Renee yesterday it was her first time in an exersaucer..Here's a videoclip..:)
636kb /7.4mb

Since Aidan's started crawling, he's been so active..wanting to explore the entire house. I try not to let him crawl that much in the living room since it's not really very child-safe especially since he's prone to putting all kinda stuff in his mouth. I've been limiting him to crawling along the corridor...with several toys placed around to entice him and to keep him occupied.

Captured him on the camcorder playing with his little green ball. This actually went on for quite a while after I've stopped recording ..he didn't seem to get tired of it and chased after the ball like a dog. He was pretty tired after that and has been sleeping since 11.30am this morning~ Woke up at 2pm for his lunch :)

Video : Fairly long video tho kinda fuzzy


Will be changing my New York plans to the 15th September.

Well, realised that we would save about S$1,000 if leave them compared to leaving earlier on the, it's not that bad even after paying all the cancellation charges. And I guess it would be kinda hectic to leave so soon after our weekend getaway so leaving a little later won't be that bad afterall.

Realised that if we had left as per our original plan (initially, we were planning to leave on National Day), we would have got caught in the blackout in New York..I heard that it was a enjoyable experience amongst the New Yorkers but I think as tourists, we wouldn't have found it that fun and I would probably have freaked out :P~
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