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regular update~

Goin kaikai..Glad to be home!~

Aidan Update :
Aidan finally ate his Cheerios on his own...Most of the time, he would grab a bunch of cheerios and try to stuff them into his mouth but because he doesn't understand that he have to release the cheerios into his mouth in order for him to eat them, he always get frustrated because he knows the snacks are in his hands but it ain't goin into his mouth [and stomach]. I guess he has a hard time grasping the 'letting go' concept because his previous snacks were usually much bigger (like those wangwang biscuits] where he's able to hold on to and munch on it. Cheerios are so tiny that it's almost impossible for him to hold on to it and eat it..

Well, he finally did it today. I think he did it by following my example because I had to eat quite a fair bit of cheerios just to show him how it should be done. Now the weird thing is that after he successfully place a cheerio into his mouth and start munchin on it, he will then place his fingers into his mouth to suck them hmm..and the cheerios doesn't always stay put in his mouth as it sometimes drop out..And he was so funny today..after getting the cheerio into his mouth, he will do this cute li' hand signals..where he'll wriggle his wrists about..

Cheerios video : Big File/Smaller & much fuzzier one

Paid for and received my air tickets to New York on Northwest & Las Vegas on Delta Airlines..There better not be anymore changes grrrr...

Well, managed to get more savings by some stroke of luck I guess..Initially, I was supposed to top up another USD160 each for the new ticket with the amended dates to Las Vegas on top of the USD100 cancellation/amendment charges. However, I was unable to make these payments via my credit card as Delta Airlines office in States was unable to process it because the credit card wasn't a local one..So, I was to go to the Delta Airlines office in Singapore to make the payment and be issued the tickets...To my surprise, the Delta Airlines office in Singapore said that I only needed to pay USD100 per I quickly paid for it and left the office before they realised the mistake. Hope the US office don't email me and demand for more money :P..

And when I was at Dynasty Travel waiting to pay for my tickets to New York, the travel agent asked me.."err, how much did I quote u for the tiks to NY?"....She'd quote me S$1050 actually but I told her it was S$950..she was like.."err was it S$950? low ah? hmm"..and she said okay and went ahead to issue me the tickets at the 'new price'..heh, more savings for sneaky me.

I decided to cancel my reservation at the Chelsea Savoy I'd booked us in which was charging USD150 per night to a cheaper hotel, Chelsea Star which is only USD129 per night. The rooms looks okay (I booked the Superior Room) and the reviews on the hotel seems pretty good..tinymich, any idea abt it's location? Based on the map from their website, the hotel seems to be pretty centrally located ..

Hee..all this savings will probably go into our shopping fund. Arghh..still about almost a month to go before we leave for New York..can't wait~ Anyone needs me to get anything from there?

Port Dickson in just 2 days..can't wait *gleeful*..

Was making a list of stuff to bring and realised that most of it are for Aidan..Man, when one travels with a baby, the 'luggage size' increase threefold..Hope the boot is able to stuff everything since our in-laws are all squeezing into our car. Will take loads of pictures man!


Ryan and Rachel came visiting this's some videos of them playing together..

a)Tried to introduce the concept of sharing to Aidan..I think I failed miserably...-Big/ Small
b)Aidan & Ryan standing in the cot~ - Big/Small

My..they have grown up a lot eh ..especially their hair hehe~!

Ryan and Aidan at 4 months old (taken 22nd April 03)

Aidan & Ryan supporting themselves while standing on the cot (taken today).
They are gonna be 8 months old in a few days time..
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