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Bond, Babe and Beauty Sleep needed!!

Bah! Can't sleep! Am sleepy but yet... I guess it's the effect of the short nap I took in the afternoon..*shrug*..

Watched the latest Bond movie last night..It was a typical Bond movie I guess - u know, the interesting gadgets, beautiful, exotic locations, the usual bedded babes and the meglomaniac supervillian bent on taking over the world (or parts of it)+ henchman. However, this movie felt a tad longer than it should [it felt even longer than Harry Potter to me :P~] and I dunno, some of the actions scene, in particularly a car chase scene bored me a little..And there was this really awful CGI which had Bond para-surfing...It was so obviously fake!! And gosh, all those sexual innuendos and puns. I could hear groans ard me for all the really lame ones. Oh yah, I smiled a little when the ubiquitous Kenneth Tsang appeared on screen. I think he appears in more Hollywood blockbuster movies than any other Asians..lemme see, he was also in Anna and the King, Replacement Killers and Rush Hour 2. Of coz many will recognise him from the many TVB series/HK movies that he has acted in. Also, ever since he received his Singapore PRship a few years back, he had also acted in several local drama series. Ok,ok..I'd better not write too much abt the movie since quite a fair bit of people have not watched the movie yet... just one more must-watch movie [LOTR] to go before little Aidan arrives. While driving home from the movie, hubby was saying that he should take advantage of my pregnancy to speed so that if caught by the police, he would be able to use the.."But sir, my wife is in labour!!" line and have special VIP service from them *roll eyes*..I was like.."Oi..ur wife is preggy and u still wanna speed????!". I guess it was the car chase scenes in the Bond movie that sorta inspired him..

We finally cleared up the spare bedroom to make way for the nursery. I gave my spare queen size bed to my mom and am planning to do a major clear-up where I will throw away some useless stuff ard the house and either give or throw away parts of my wardrobe. Gosh!! I realised that I have way too many clothes man!! My clothings alone takes up the closet space in two 1/2 room :P~ And worse of all, I realised that many of those clothings still have the price tags attached to them. I've not worn so many of them and some are sorta outta fashion already *awk*..Horrible me! My last shoe count was about 50 pairs..and I've actually thrown away at least 10 pairs during the last Chinese New Year clean-up. year's resolution - SHOP LESS!! SAVE MORE!!! [yeah, like real!! *sigh*]

Ok..I should really try to get some sleep! Bah!

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