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the bully~~


Aidan got whacked on the head today..You can see the handprints on his face..and he didn't cry after that..was just stunned for a while that he got manhandled..After a while, he continued to attempt to stand up on his own on the changing table~

The culprit
Here's Ryan [son of bbhome] & the hand that did it...He doesn't look really contrite tho...heh~

It's really not as bad as it looks :P~
The marks disappeared after abt 5 mins. Aidan tend to bruise really easily...

Aidan hoisting himself up on the changing table~


Arghh..haven't really packed for Port Dickson..been procrastinating..Luckily we are leaving tomorrow afternoon so I have the morning to scramble~ Am sure I'm gonna leave some stuff behind!
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