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Weekend break..

The water chalets we stayed in..they looked a little like kelongs...

I'm back :)

Reached home yesterday at about 10pm...all 3 of us were totally dooshed and fell asleep pretty fast..Pity hubby who drove throughout the trip and still had to work today.

It was a relaxing trip for most of us (cept for the drivers).. Aidan was really gwai..I was worried initially coz I was wondering whether he would be fidgety during the car-ride but he was an angel. Out of the 9+ hours driving time (including our detour to Malacca for shopping), he slept for about 8+++ hours, waking up about 5-10 minutes before we arrive at our destination. I didn't even need to nurse him. Really can't ask for more :)

The resort had a Balinese type of feel..I love the water chalets..the rooms were huge with a huge four- poster bed in the middle of the room and a day bed next to the window..The bathroom was al-fresco style which hubby was happy with since he wasn't allowed to smoke in the room :P..And we can hear the sounds of the waves from our room.

We basically ate and ate....the food there was so-so imo (the best meal was actually the Ramli burger we had at the pitstop before just before reaching Singapore Tuas checkpoint) ..The durians we bought were good tho..Had a mega fruits fest just outside our room and I od-ed on durians & rambutan..Aidan tried durian for the first time..initially, he made a face when he first tasted it but then, he started clamouring for more. son loves durian as much as us :)

Dunce me forgot to bring my camera battery charger so I couldn't take that many pics (esp those scenery type) since the battery was running low...So most of the pics were of ourselves and the kids.


Oooh..Big big bed...and nice balcony :)

Aidan in the swimmin pool...Lunch at the poolside :)

Aidan's first taste of durian...

Aidan..the only male *ahem*

The rest of the pics here..


We'd detoured to Malacca on our journey back for lunch and a li' shopping at Mahkata Mall..

The carpark was very packed that day since it was a when we saw a car moving out of a lot, hubby quicky drove there and he was backing up the car into the lot when he started horning..He was blocked from reversin into the lot by this group of young punks - 1 guy in bright yellow tee and 3 gals who looked alike [rebonded dyed hair, spagetti strap top and jeans]..We asked them to move away but they countered in cantonese that they were reserving the lot for their friend. My mom-in-law was super pissed and got out of the car to reason with them ..Never knew her cantonese was so fluent..she basically gave them a earful and told them that they had no right to reserve lots and told them to move away from the lot..which they eventually did..While alighting the car, the 4 of them stared at us but we basically ignored them..

I, who do they think they are? Mom quickly asked dad to take down the licence plate of their car as an insurance in case they do somethin to hubby's car..When we were done with our shopping and return to the car and inspected it, it was okay..But the car wasn't safe from the birds tho..hehe~

Oh..and Aidan turned 8 months old two days ago :)
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