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usual thursday~

My Thursday routine is usually the same...Little Gym with Aidan followed by a jaunt around town with my regular Thursday kaki, Junebbhome & Gwynne koalababy..Today, we also did the taitai thingy and had high tea at Royal Copenhagen at Takashimaya ...

Finally did some shopping for myself..hubby had given me some Taka vouchers and so far, I've been spurging on Aidan but today, I decided to pamper myself and got myself a pair of jeans and 2 pairs of shoes to add to my huge shoe collection :P~..Am especially pleased with this buy because it was kinda cheap (only 30 bucks) and my feet looks nice.. in it..(and it does look a li' like the SQ slippers, not that I wanna be a stewardess..) Time for a pedicure I guess...

Had golf lessons in the evening..Rather pleased with myself coz my strokes seem to be improving and I'm able to drive quite far now. My instructor had said that I was doing very well and that my strokes are pretty on target and am hitting really well and far...I'd better not get too big-headed tho..Will be taking my PC soon which means after that, we will be able to go on the greens..Looking forward to it coz this would mean that we can probably drive up to the golf courses in Malaysia ..would be a good way to spend some relaxing time with hubby too (hmm, not really sure abt the relaxing part tho coz I'm a real competitive person..)

Learning to walk on the bars..together with jinsiew's Gabe...

See how tough it is to have 3 babies look into a camera..well, 2 outta 3 ain't bad...

Kids Play~


Corrina sent me some of the pics she'd taken at Port Dickson..I especially like this particular group pic (altho it's kinda grainy and unclear) because hubby happens to be smiling in this pic..he and his family don't seem to smile much in pics..I think that's where Aidan got his unsmiling,stern mien from...
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