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Can you believe that Jasjaz_aug and Samikepod actually saw this 'work of art' on a SBS bus?? I swear I wasn't the one who did it!!!

Sam took these of me and Aidan at the Sat's get-together.. :) Can't wait for the rest of Sam's pics to be uploaded. Oi u guys, email me the original pics okay?


Been having trouble with feeding Aidan for the past few days..he hasn't really been drinking his milk much anymore. He used to wallop 180-240ml easily during every feed but nowadays, I'll be happy to see him drink up 100ml for his day feed and abt 150ml-180ml for his morning and night feed..I don't force him to drink his milk coz I guess he knows when he has enough ..hope that it's just a phase though..

Today, I had trouble feeding him his solids instead..Was spooning him his favourite cereal and he started crying after every swallow..could see that he wanted to eat more but each time he did, he would cry more..even when I fed him his papayas..Wasn't sure what was the problem..and dad said it could be a sorethroat or ulcer so we decided to play safe and bring him to the doctor just to check..

Doc said he seemed okay..his throat wasn't infected..Most likely indigestion of some sorts she said..asked us whether we gave him anythin different lately..and erm, we did. We fed him durians yesterday..he loved it and kept on wanting more so we ended up giving him quite a lot..Yeah, now i'm feelin kinda guilty...Anyway, was asked to monitor him...but outwardly, he's fine. Very active, very hyper...!

@8 months 7 days old, he's 8.5kg and 71 cm tall, head circumference : 43cm..Still around the medium percentile :)..
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