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oh boy...!

Ever since the wee one discovered the joy of standing up and cruising, he absolutely refused to stay [still] in his cot ..and it's getting even tougher for him to sleep in it. The cot is like a jail to him..Everytime I put him into it, he'll wail pitifully and will try to look for ways to get outta it. We've lowered the cot to the floor level already so that if he ever discovers how to get outta it, he won't fall very far and hard..

And the minute we lay him on the floor..he'll start crawling about at top speed..and every furniture to him is an obstacle course and an excuse to stand or climb over. I really really won't mind him taking his time to learn how to walk..coz that's gonna be a real headache..

And putting him to sleep at night is such a hard task now..Previously, it used to be sooOoooOooo easy. Just plonk him onto his cot after his last milk meal and voila, he'll fall asleep on his own. Now, we gotta cajole him, sing to him, read to him, play with him to wear him out a little and inevitably, I will have to nurse him on my bed and when he finally falls asleep there, I will then carry him and plonk into onto his cot...sometimes, he'll continue sleeping in the cot..other times (which fortunately is not that often), he'll wake up when he realised he's in the cot.. And if it's the latter, hubby will have to be evicted from the bed and the wee one will then take his place there. It's not that I'm evil or what..but hubby tend to snore really loud and a couple of times when we share the bed with Aidan in it, the li' one got awoken by the snores ..oh, and I get awoken by it too. So, instead of 2 fellas being awake and unhappy, it's better to have 2 persons happy and sleeping on the big queensized bed and another fella [hubby] not too happy and sleeping on the couch (he sleeps every/anywhere]!

Video : The miserable one in the cot..

Am checkin out on lasik for both I and hubby.. Have been wanting perfect eyesight for a while and auntyadele's post on her surgery prompted me to start enquiring about it again. Well, at least prices has dropped since the last time I checked.. It was about S$5,000+ for both eyes then and now, it's about S$3,000 for the surgery itself. Will arrange to go for the checkup with the doctor this coming Monday..and hopefully, will have the surgery arranged the minute we get back from New York :)

Will also be making an appointment with the skin doctor do some laser surfacing treatment for my acne scars and blemishes...It's supposed to lessen the redness on my skin..Hopefully, it'll work...Wish i have better complexion..

Heh..I feel so vain..but what to do..I still wanna look good at 40 which is so scary...*arghh*


Pics (taken yesterday at Little Gym and Island Cafe at Tangs)

Bubble babes~!

I'm hungry...mmmmm yummm...

Latest in baby seats = table tops!

Hmm..does Aidan looks as if he's making a bad sign??
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