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December babes : ♥Anselm and Aidan

Aidan stuffin charsiewbuns into his cheeks!
[above pics taken at Ikea babychanging room :)]

Went to Ikea yesterday with a whole bunch of mummies (Ashley, June, Gwynne, Annabella and Lilian) & their kids in tow..Yeah..all of us received the new Ikea catalogue and couldn't resist checking out their latest stuff..and also to take the opportunity to stuff ourselves with their slurplicious meatballs and salmon *yum*!

We thought the place would be relatively quiet since it's a weekday..but boy were we wrong. Obviously none of us had any school going kids so no one realised that it was a school holiday..So the place was rather packed with lotsa families with kids in tow and young people paktor-ing..

Anyway, the main reason why I was there was to buy the li' Ikea toy cars..Been wanting to get a tapor toy for him and thought the cars would be apt..

Here's Aidan with his new toy(s)! Unfortunately, he has better plans for them....
clear video/fuzzy video

And I think this penguin/duck(??) bib I bought from Ikea too is so darn cute!


Hmm..the New York trip is drawing near. It's just next Monday..!!

I haven't done up any itinerary yet!! Darn! The only place that I'm definitely going is the Woodbury Common factory outlets (tinymich, confirmed eh!). Mich, anything u need me to bring over? moonberry, remember to email me ur request soon!

auntyadele, 'O' is fully booked already :(..Will try to check with the conciege when I'm there to see if i can get any tickets..*sigh*

In the meantime, I hope that the latest Sars case will remain as it isolated one. I know I may sound selfish here but I really hope that our holiday plans will not be affected especially after the numerous postponements..bah!

Will spend as much time with the li' bugger this few days before we leave coz we aren't gonna see him for a whole two weeks! I'm sure gonna miss him!


Can't go for lasik for the time being! Reason is coz I'm still nursing and my menses have not come yet since I'd given birth to Aidan which is like 8 months + ago and thus my hormones are probably out of whack which will coz my eye reading to be a li' inaccurate too *sigh*...

Doc ask me when I'm planning to wean Aidan off nursing..I don't know how to answer him coz my plan was to stop when he completely refuses to nurse or when I go back to work. Funny..though I'm only partially nursing, my period still has not returned. Bah!

Darn drats! I was so looking forward to having 20/20 vision!
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