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From one of the online newsletter I subscribe to :

You're 36 Weeks Pregnant

Hello, Angelia!
At the end of this week, you're going to reach an important pregnancy milestone: Your baby will be considered full-term! That means you could give birth very soon. As your baby gradually drops down in your uterus in preparation for birth, your lungs and stomach will finally get to stretch out a little so you'll breathe easier. Also this week, your doctor or midwife may look to see whether you've started dilating and effacing (when the cervix opens and thins) and what station the baby is in, which is a way of estimating how far the baby has dropped into the pelvis.See an illustration of your baby and learn more fascinating fetal development facts.

Cheem..but I guess it means that it's gonna be anytime soon!! Tried to sleep but couldn't *sigh*. My back is hurting like crazy especially the tailbone part. I actually find it more comfortable lying on my back but the physiotherapist from my ante-natal class says that's a no-no - the reason being that a lot of blood vessels lies on the back portion and the added weight due to the baby may cause the vessels to burst. Currently, turning from my left to my right in bed is just like making a three-point turn in a SUV..very tough siah!!

Feeling rather hot, even in an air-con room with temperature set at 23 degrees. Been taking at least 2 showers per day. Skin feels dry like a raisin too.. U know, all those things pple say abt pregnancy making u look radiant is rubbish! I look and feel fat and am pretty clumsy too. I actually spotted myself with a double chin when I looked in the mirror earlier on..Arghh!!!This inability to sleep is making me feel really grouchy!! Think I'd better go take a shower to cool down!

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