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AidanVids :)

Aidan loves his bathtime..which makes bathing him truly enjoyable....
Li' bugger's been pretty giggly lately :)

Video 1: Bathtime with Aidan - </a>A/B

Gone are the day when Aidan willl gobble up everything/anything

He has gotten more fussy lately. What is even more bewildering is that he now seems to detest his previous fave cereal..The thing is...he doesn't close his mouth tight and refuses the food. What he does is he'll eat the food and chomp on it for a while..and then cry pitifully..He'll still continue to accept the food after a few more spoonfuls ..but will swallow it, grimace and cry..Initially, I thought that he must be sick or havin an ulcer or sorethroat. But I realised that I was wrong because in a later feed when he was given something else, he was back to his normal greedy self..gobbling up everything that was fed to him. We are now pretty convinced that he will cry if he hates the it has happened about 3/4 times in the past 2 weeks..when we give him the same cereal [fish and vegetables]...

Thankfully, he still loves his porridge and his fruits...! And nowadays, when he enjoys his food, he will bang his hands on the table to show his appreciation. Babies ah *sigh*...they truly have a mind of their own!

Video 2 : Aidan showing his appreciation for food -A/B</center>

I'm really glad that I have a friend/neighbour like Rachelsonday and her son Ryan, who is just 2 days younger than Aidan. Rachel drops by pretty often (and likewise, I visit her place once in a while) and will sometimes bring li' gifts like books and toys for Aidan..I like that both Aidan and Ryan are able to play with each other and hopefully, they will continue to do when they grow up..although so far, Aidan seems to be bullying Ryan most of the time..*sigh*..

Video 3 : Rachel singing a song to Ryan and Aidan..Aidan enamoured by her voice and Ryan is dancing to the tune :) - A/B

Video 4 : Aidan & Ryan on the cot..
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