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C ya all in 2 weeks time :)

hee..don't know why but he's always givin me this wide-eye expression whenever I shoot him closeup...

Am almost all packed and doing some last minute checks to see if I've forgotten anything...Plane's leavin at 6am in the morning so we gotta get to the airport by about 4am..Can u imagine, out of the 4 plane flights i will be taking (to NY and back/to Las Vegas and back NY), 3 of the flights are at 6am in the morning..bleah!! Am not planning to sleep at all so that I will sleep in the plane..Hopefully, hubby won't snore to loud~ Will probably spend the morning watchin DVDs :)

*Sigh* sure gonna miss Aidan like crazy... Yesterday, he was a terror!! He actually woke up every 3 hours from 10pm onwards so I had to shift him to my bed and ended up nursing him almost the entire morning. Reminded me of those days when he was a newborne man. He has never woken up so many times in the middle of the night since he'd turned 2 months old. I dunno but maybe he does know that I'll be leaving him for a while and he wants a nursing marathon to make up for the breastfeeding he's gonna miss out...

Looking at his current pics, I realise he has really grown a lot..facially, he has changed a fair bit and he's grown to be pretty 'muscular' and bakbak...Hopefully, he won't change to much during the next 2 weeks..

Gonna leave u off with some photos that was taken at terminalcase42's place last Friday....Met lotsa new faces like cario and her cute [actually, i wanted to say pretty but..] son, Christopher, epicureanangel and rachel_c who were on a school break and sailor137...auntyadele brought her entire brood too so there were lotsa kids in the house...I swear the house sounded a li' like a wet market at one point :P...Anyway, it was great fun and the Chens being fab hosts..Erin has grown a lot since I last saw her too..Her cheeks are so chubby cute..:)

Aidan wanting to make friends with baby Erin :)

cario and I bonding over our boys :)

The rest of the pics here

Okay...see all ya folks in about 2 weeks time~ Be good!!!
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