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baby, i'm back :)

I'm back :)

I miss my baby :)

Came back early Sun morning at @1am...First thing I did was rush to Aidan's room to have a look at him..he was zzg away and mom said he had been sleeping tru the night for the past week..but he actually woke up at 3am that day. He looked kinda confused initially when he saw us..and jus blinked at us...but after his stupor wore off, he started smiling and we think he probably recognised us as his parents. And oh my..he grew a lot during the past 2 weeks..he's so much heavier now and taller too!!!! Nursing was no problem..I thought my supply could be low coz I was rather lax in my pumping but it didn't seemed to bother him..:) Am so glad!!

Enjoyed the holiday tremendously.. Hubby commented that what made the trip more enjoyable was coz of my friends at New York..and I wouldn't have gotten to know moonberry and tinymich if not for Livejournal.. :) [well, he begrudgingly took back what he'd said before..that livejournal was a waste of time hehe] Thank you Irene (and Jhi) for your kind hospitality - letting us stay over at ur place and bringing us to those fab food places & Michelle (and Ben) for taking the time off to spend time with us and for bringing us shopping from Manhattan to Woodbury !!

Didn't really take that many photos...Hubby said there was probably more pics of moonberry's cat, Melody than of us.. which was actually true :P..

bbhome, cario,terminalcase and Sharon..lemme know when/how u guys wanna collect ur stuff..

Our holiday pics...

On top of the Empire State Building..

Was looking for one eating a hotdog but couldn't find any...

With moonberry at Sushi Samba...

Fab food at Blue Smokes with tinymich & Ben..

The rest of the pics here!!
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