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all @ my li' boy (very long entry)


My Aidan :)
The not-so-wee one's sleeping like a log. He's been napping a lot since we came from our hols. Mom was tellin me that he didn't sleep much in the day when they were looking after most about 30 minute each nap session..but ever since I came back, he's been taking 2-3 hour naps for about 2-3 times per day..It's definitely the power of breastmilk..Somehow, it has the ability to make him ultra mabok and sleep really well..:)

It's getting tougher to take pictures of him now..coz he refuses to stay put in one position!! No longer are the days where he would sit calmly and pose for the camera. So, most of the time, I'll try to distract him with something and then shoot..And boy, is he hyper in the day!! He simply refuses to keep still and would move from one toy to another, one furniture to another, one room to another *tears hair*..I guess that's the reason why he isn't fat even though he's been eating like a pig! He is certainly burning off his food intake fast!

His hair is definitely growing..slowly but surely..It's still in the letter V shape but now, I can actually do the comb-over so that he doesn't look that 'bald' at the sides..It's still a li' brownish..which I like..and when he's in the sun, the 'highlights' are really obvious..I hope it stays that color..

He still hasn't uttered any comprehensible words yet..all he says is babababa nonstop and or his usual grunts and squeals of both delight and frustration..He doesn't know how to clap his hands yet either but is able to wave goodbye to his grandparents but not his parents *sigh*..He high-fives only when he feels like it..He crawls about in ultra-fast speed and is always gung-ho about the house...! Thankfully he can only walk with support so far..I can't imagine what it will be like once he starts walking and *horrors* running..

He currently has 4 teeth on the top and 2 at the bottom..! I've been having a li' trouble breastfeedin on my left as he seems to be biting me when he nurses but he doesn't do so on the right..He doesn't seem to be deliberately doing it so I think it's probably the angle in which the teeth is sprouting out but damn, it hurts!!

I'm afraid that he's becoming a li' brat...His chaoquan ways are obvious whenever Ryan, sonday's son comes visiting. Whenever Aidan sees Ryan playing with something, Aidan would immediately throw away whatever is in his hands, and lunge for the item in Ryan's hands and snatch it away! Sometimes, he will just push Ryan and shove him in the face and make him cry..Even though we scold him and tell him not to each time he does it...Sometimes, I have this perverse thought that I should let him play with much bigger, older and stronger kids so that he will get bullied instead and will somehow learn how to share and be less spoilt..Hubby was saying that children doesn't understand the concept of sharing at this age but I think I have to sorta reinforce to him somehow that what he's doing ain't right...

I'm really not complaining much..Aidan's a great kid (well, if I overlook his bullying ways :P)..He eats well, sleeps well, plays hard and is generally well-behaved [with us]..He is growing really fast and is looking more like a toddler instead of the li' baby boy I had for the last 9 months..I'm actually kinda psyched up that his 1 year old birthday is soon ..well, it's actually in December but I can start planning now eh!

I want a drink..Now!! Mmmm.....

heh..ran out of captions..
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