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man..LJ's been really cranky! :]~

@An hour ago
There I was, lying on my bed...nursing Aidan..The li' bugger, who was sleepy (evident from his constant rubbing of his eyes) was still reluctant to sleep..He was getting drowsy, as the 'drugged' effect from the breastmilk was getting to him and his eyes were half-closed.. but his hands were still active..moving about and fondling the ears of the li' pig he was cuddling..

Then ...*ring* *ring*

@#%&* &*^**)

I quickly reached for my handphone and answered the call ..
"Hello Ms Tay..This is xxx from xxxx Bank..we would like to interest you in a credit facility with us at no interest for.....!"

@#$%&*( &%&%$^*@!)%^

After terminating the conversation, I looked over at Aidan and his eyes were wide opened already and he was on all fours, the blanket pushed away and all ready to play..*sigh* No way was I able to make him sleep then..

I hate it when that happens!! Serves me right for not making my hf ring in the silent mode..*bleah*

He did of coz napped a while later when he totally couldn't fight the drowsiness..:)

Met with ashleyneo, bbhome and koalababy yesterday for tea..We visited the new wing at Paragon and had tea at Baker's Inn..Of coz we kena-ed the evil eye from many a patron whe they saw/heard our babies..but there was a few [baby-lovers] who cooed and goo-gooed at our babies too..

At the basement of Paragon, they'd placed a big mat with lotsa toys and a big toy-house especially for babies/kids to play on and where parents can rest at the side while watching their kids go wild..Great place!! Wish we'd discovered it earlier instead of going finding it at the end of the day..So next time we know..Paragon *tick* a good place to bring ur kids to :)

Aidan loves mirrors..He loves lookin at himself's him kissing himself in the mirror~

Aidan grabbin *coff* Tiffany


The junction across my condo seems to be a traffic hazard..Since I moved in, there have been tons of accidents and very often, we will hear cars' tyres screeching..and *boom*...! Kinda immune to it already.

But yesterday..the bang we heard was extra loud..and after the bang..that was like a mini-explosion..and *phoom*..there was fire!!! Boliao me quickly took out my cam and tried to take a pic but coz of the distance and also some structure at the outside of my condo was blockin my view, I couldn't take a good pic..[plus that my hands were ultra shaky *sigh*]

Hubby happened to pass by the accident scene on the way back. By then the fire was extinguished. Apparently, the burning vehicle was a motorbike and the driver was okay..He was still sitting by the side of the road looking dazed but unhurt..

The fire was extinguished really fast coz the police post was nearby and they were able to get to the scene fast...
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