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....weekend's gone too fast!

David Blaine wannabe~

With a hyper baby in the house, we gotta find so many ways to keep him busy..During the weekends, both hubby and I take turns to play with him [when he's not napping], although there will be a period when both of us will be totally exhausted and just plonk onto the bed with him and let him climb all over us while we get some rest...

Today during my shift, he found the ikea box which I'd just bought (with the intention of storing some of his clothes) and he busied himself with it..He ended up sitting in there, playing with the box for close to 20 mins (no mean feat I tell ya)..
Baby in a box..

'Mr Baby Universe~'

One of his fav activity is to watch Max, our sole fish of the house swim about..It's really cute..Whenever he crawls into the study room, he'll immediately push himself to stand up and then peer into the fishtank and will only be satisfied only after he has seen Max swimming by...

Looking for....


Today we went the chinese restaurant at Copthorne Orchid Inn to celebrate dad-in-law's birthday..

My sis-in-law was watching Aidan wallop 3 small bowls of porridge, his yoghurt dessert and later, half of my dessert - cold honeymelon..She was commenting that some baby food company should use Aidan as a 'spokesperson' coz he eats everything so enthusiastically..I told her that if Aidan was ever to reject any of the baby food, that brand must really sucks coz I've never seen him reject food. Even though he may not like some of the bottled food, he will still eat but just grimace while he does so..This boy ah *shakehead*..such a glutton!

Went down to the Atrium@Orchard to sign the petition ..It was weird..When we drove towards the carpark at the Atrium, there was a cone blocking the entrance into the carpark..Both hubby and I were just about to turn into the entrance of the carpark when we saw the cone and we started cussin.Then we saw the carpark attendant a short distance away walking forward..He gave us the 'wait' sign and promptly walked to the cone, removed it and signalled for us to drive through..And after that, he placed the cone back where it was before..

Later, we found out the most of the people couldn't park at the atrium's carpark coz of the blockage..Strange! I wonder why he let us go through and not the other cars..The carpark wasn't even that full in the first place..Hmm...Guess we drove by at the right time..

Anyway, met some old and new friends there..Wendy and Peter were there with their baby Ethan..Initially, when I met Marie picklepoooh, I didn't realise that she was an ljer till her boy, Ayden woke up..I'd recognised his pic from the journals and I was like.."'s you!!"..

Aidan was totally zonked out coz he didn't nap in the morning so he was sleeping most of the time..He only woke up when we decided to go to the mall to shop around so he was somewhat grouchy..

That's Maria with Ayden, Moi and my Aidan and Wendy and Ethan..

A friendly Ayden greeting a grouchy Aidan..

A blur and sour-faced Aidan with serious lookin Ethan...

Aidan on the push-trolley at Carrefour/The cheerful li' bugger on the way home..
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