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Had to wait about 1 hour at the gynae till it was my turn. Dr Tan was going on a week's vacation so the appointments were arranged back to back and basically, everyone had to wait patiently for their turn.

My appointment was at 4pm and I finally saw Dr Tan at abt 5:15pm. Just the usual routine check on the baby :). Apparently, Aidan has a little crewcut now. His head has turned downwards already but it's not engaged yet. The placenta is pretty high up so chances are that it should be natural birth. Aidan *sigh* is shy again and refuses to show his face so we had another unsuccessful attempt at taking his 3D picture.

A friend of hubby who is also abt 8 months pregnant was informed during her last visit to her gynae that her baby has hydrocephalus [e_rambler, yeah u r rite abt the name]- which is basically an excess of celebral spinal fluid in the brain. This fluid will basically cause the baby's head to grow rapidly and will put lotsa pressure on the baby's brain. The solution to this is to have a shunt surgically placed in the ventricles in the brain so that the fluid is able to be drained out. This operation would have to be done right after the baby is borne. According to my hubby's fren, her gynae informed her tt this is a pretty rare for babies in Singapore and that the last case in their hospital was in 1997. I was querying Dr Tan about this and asked him how this would impact the baby. The worst, he said would be brain damage of some sorts due to the pressure caused by the excess fluid and this would impact mental development and motor movements. But there are also cases where the effect is minimal. He says that one positive thing in Singapore is that the doctors are usually very professional and skillful and the technology used is pretty advanced compared to other countries. He says that the doctors would know what to do for her case and that we as friends should just be there for her... I dunno..was stunned when I heard the news from my hubby especially because both of babies are due about the same time. I know I cannot identify with her fears and pain now. I will just hope that both our babies will turn out fine and healthy...

Mike [mahjong pal] called up when I was in the hospital and said that he was short 1 kaki and asked me to play. I went to his place after the gynae visit..We played 3 rounds and I won $180 hehehe so it was a good decision!!

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