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(thanks Sharon nining for your li' gift to Aidan :) )


Aidan lost his main mode of transport today!!

My dad-in-law and I somehow managed to lose Aidan's baby stroller..amazing eh! This afternoon, dad was sending me to Goodwood Park where I was meeting e_rambler for tea..Brought Aidan along too..When we reached Goodwood Park and just as I was about to take a sleeping Aidan out of the carseat, dad who had gone to the boot of the car to take out the stroller discovered that it wasn't there!! So it'd meant that we'd left the stroller in the carpark of the condo..Both of us were so busy strapping Aidan into the carseat that we'd totally forgotten abt the stroller and drove off without it, leaving the stroller stranded there ...

Dad thus had to drive Aidan back from Orchard to Hougang..thankfully, the li' one was so zonked out that he slept in the carseat throughout the journey back...Dad then went to the management office to check whether the stroller was found but no one had brought it in *sigh*~ I guess this meant that there's this one baby in my condo that has an extra stroller becuz of our blurness!

Hubby, on finding out about it quipped "Thankfully, you guys didn't lose the stroller with Aidan in it!"

So this weekend, we have to go shopping for a new stroller for the li' bugger or else he will be wheel-less~!

I seriously believe that I've become more sotong[if that's even possible] after I'd given birth to Aidan *sigh*
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