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Aidan's new tent-house.
Me holding on to Aidan so that he wun lunge outta the tent..

Aidan's grandparents bought him a li' tent/playhouse with those rubber balls in it..Took hubby about half an hour to set it up...Aidan only stayed in it for a whole 10 minutes *sigh* Had to lure him into it by placing his other toys there but still, the li' bugger doesn't seem to be attracted to the zillion of balls in there but prefers to scamper after the wayward balls that happened to roll out of the tent.. house is getting messier and smaller and Aidan's play area is getting bigger! He's taking over our apartment!!! Bah!

Balls? :) /Doing the baby taijee stance..


Friends of ours celebrated hubby's birthday last Sunday..They brought food and cake over to our place and we basically ate and did some catching up coz we haven't seen each other since our holiday.Thanks u guys!!! He finally turned 34 [so at least he can't declare anymore that he's 1 year older than me]!!'s blur coz the camera shook..

Darren, Corrina & Chloe

Trevor, Bibi and li' Renee..

Blanjahed hubby dinner on the actual day of his birthday at Humble House@Esplanade..It was highly recommended by hub coz he went there for a company lunch ..I thought the food was so-so only and the portions were sooOoooOoooo tiny! And it was sooOoooOooooooOOO $68+++++per head. But well, I have to admit the ambience was nice so I guess I was paying for that too.. But this place certainly isn't humble at all..


Come Monday, it will be 1 full year in which I've been writing on livejournal. I started when I was about 7 months pregnant and I was thinking that an online journal was a great idea since I was on the net so often. I wrote then about my pregnancy, our preparation for the baby and then after Aidan came along, most of my entries were devoted to him..

I have to admit, sometimes, I'm amazed that people are 'interested' in what I have to say. I mean, seriously, my life is kinda mundane, especially since I stay home most of the time. I guess it meant that most people read my journal mainly because of Aidan or rather the pics of him..tho I have to say, he can be a darn cute li' bugger [and a very photogenic one] *proud mummy mode on*! I get strangers emailing me..telling me they enjoy reading about the wee one's development and his latest escapade. Some Ljers have actually seen my baby [irl] more often than my relatives...A few have known me since he was still in my tummy and have celebrated his one month bday with me, seen him on numerous other occasions and pretty soon, they [hopefully] will be celebrating his 1st year birthday!

Because of LJ, I also gotten to know great pals out of singapore..enjoyed their wonderful hospitality and strangely, it was as if I knew them for the longest time..because I've been reading about their lifes on their journal for a while already. I also gotten to know a group of mummies whom I share parenting tips and recipes with..and at the same time, let our babies enjoy [or endure] each other's company..

Of coz LJ does get a li' 'complicated' at times especially when u see misunderstanding occuring and tons of bitching [I'm guilty too]..But for me, I'm glad that I've started this journal and hopefully, when I get hold of a printer, I'll be able to print out the memorable entries [and comments] so that Aidan can read them when he grows up.

Some of my fav pics of the bugger when he was a wee one [btwn 3-5 months old]..he was so botak then!

and a puny li' Aidan at 0.5 day old :)
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