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hee..Aidan's fringe is long enuff to be clipped~!! *evil mode* Pretty hor! *buay paiseh*

Every weekday afternoons [on days when we don't go out], just before his nap , Aidan will keep his regular afternoon appointment with Beep, the bus and his cohorts & from The Wheels of the Bus..It's great coz he can sit and watch the show for at least 40mins..and his fave part is when the song is played, he'll start jigging and giggling to the music!!

heh..I know too much tv ain't good for a kid but I'm trying to limit him to 1 VCD per day!

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Oct. 19th, 2003 06:08 pm (UTC)
wow... beautiful...!!

yeah.. i totali knw wat u meant.. cos i hv my own rented rm once remb? i think my landlord was quite impress with hgow i did up their simple rm.. ahaha.. i totali spent @ IKEA juz 2 do it up.. 2 bad i din hv my digi @ tat x yet.. if not can show u 2..

but wow..!! ur lite is nice..!!
but itz true la.. 2 flowery 2 womanly 4 ur hubby la