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and thy name shall be....arghh!

Arghh! I need a name or rather several names to choose from for my baby boy! We've been trying to shortlist a few names and so far, there's only 2 names which I can think of and hubby has thought of a dozen names which I can't seem to agree on...

Lemme tell you what hubby's choices were : Frodo *roll eyes*, Luke *roll more*, Edward (eeew, so boring), Maxmillian *gag*, Harrison *sigh* and a few other less memorable ones. I think it was after I suggested the name Legolas that he stopped using the movies as references for potential names.

Maybe I'm biased towards my own choices..I love the name AIDAN (its pronounced "Eh-dern"). The first time I heard of this name was from this B-rated Hollywood actor called Aidan Quinn....then John Corbett appeared as Aidan in 'Sex and the City' and I especially liked the way Carrie mutters his name :)~~. Hubby was okay with the name initially and was even beginning to call him by that name when he talks to the babe in my tummy..but his parents disapproves!!! Arghh! They said it sounded like "huai-dan" [naughty in mandarin]...sheesh!! I don't care!! I may persist if we don't find a nicer name and I'll just let them a free rein in deciding the chinese name.. Actually, there's another name I don't mind : Kieran (hmm, wats this abt the -an). I like the way it looked on the name-tag of this really cute blonde casino dealer at the Buswood Casino Resort in Perth hee~~

Pls feel free to give me some suggestions...Creatively wise, I'm blank!!

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