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more vids :)

Videos of the day :)
Hee..I just realised that I could have 'widen' the box of the window media video all the while..moi was so dense!! All the while, I have been subjecting u guys to small, fuzzy videos in wmv format heh..

Here are two more clips..hope they look better..
Video 1 : Aidan still enamoured with his ballblaster toy :) Does a li' jig after every successful ball-spiral~
Video 2 : Makan time..recently, Aidan's been reluctant to let go of the spoon after it goes into his mouth..

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Oct. 22nd, 2003 09:12 pm (UTC)
Re: video
erm.who is this eh?

Yeah, I used to digicamcorder for my videos but I know of some who used their digicamera for the videos and the end result is just as good. My digicamcord comes with video editing software (with a capture card to be placed inside ur harddrive) and the software allows me to create the video in different formats (mpg,wmv) and to widen the video box or making it clearer (althought the clear, bigger it is, the bigger the file)