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more vids :)

Videos of the day :)
Hee..I just realised that I could have 'widen' the box of the window media video all the while..moi was so dense!! All the while, I have been subjecting u guys to small, fuzzy videos in wmv format heh..

Here are two more clips..hope they look better..
Video 1 : Aidan still enamoured with his ballblaster toy :) Does a li' jig after every successful ball-spiral~
Video 2 : Makan time..recently, Aidan's been reluctant to let go of the spoon after it goes into his mouth..

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Oct. 22nd, 2003 09:16 pm (UTC)
Re: video
hee..actually, it was shawny17 who actually gave me specific instructions on how to upload my videos..I think in order for u to post videos, the most impt thing (well, apart from having a digicamcorder) is to have a webhost that you can upload ur video images. The thing is, you need to pay for most of this webhost sites.

Heh..so far, Aidan's been still keen on the ballblaster :) This morning, after he crawled out of bed, the first thing he did was to scramble to that toy and started dropping the balls :D