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even more videos~~~

2 more :
Aidan playing with keys
When e_rambler came visiting

Was looking at the images on my videocam and realised that there were lotsa stuff that I didn't download..although most of the them are kinda inane but hee, I've got too much free time anyway..The first one where May and Aidan were playing was taken this morning whereas the rest were taken about 2 to 3 weeks back I reckon..

Am down with a sore throat and a slight cough..Hubby was the one who had it first and he passed it to me [hopefully, Aidan won't get it]..So today, on Deepavali, both of us are feeling under the weather and badly in need of some rest. My in-laws on knowing about our condition and probably thinking that we wouldn't be able to handle a hyper baby [which is quite true] came over and brought Aidan back home with them so that we can rest peacefully :)

And here I am on the pc updating my journal ..and hubby's in bed snoring away~~Hmm..mebbe I'm not that sick afterall :P~


Update on the 8th Nov [MMM homecoming] gathering..
Okay, it's been confirmed that it's gonna be at my place. However, I was only able to book the morning/early afternoon slot coz the afternoon/evening was booked already. Thus, we can use the function room from 10am to 3.30pm. So, shall we say my place from 11.30am to 3.30pm? Is that okay with u guys? For those who wanna stay longer and use the swimming pool can adjourn to my place to leave all the barang barang there..

As mentioned before, it's gonna be potluck style so for those coming, please let me know what u are planning to bring. Also, let me know who's coming (eg.whether hubby or/and maid are joining u n ur kids) so that I can have do a headcount.

Oh..anyone knows where I can find nice baby halloween costumes? Been looking around and most of them are for kids above 2 yrs old :( Please don't ask me to sew coz I'm one of the least creative person ever and I sew worse than I cook!
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