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Aidan waving bye-bye to us when we left for our massage leaving him with his gleeful grandparents..

Aidan & his tang-ger, Chern Ern :)

Aidan's getting a li' more attached to me now..and I have to admit, I am actually kinda pleased :)

He isn't that overly attached that he only wants me to carry him but he will seek me out when a group of us are around him..Like yesterday, when both hubby and I came back home and he was in his grandpa's arms, he quickly started whimpering when he saw me and immediately crawled to me and raised his arms for me to carry him, even though hubby was in front of me. Hubby tried getting the li' one to hop over to his arms but the manja li' one just kept laying his head on my arm and chest, refusing to let go as if tellin me that he missed me alot~..hee..feels so good to be wanted [and no, he wasn't even clawing at my chest area~!]..Hubby was kinda jealous though..

Fortunately, when we leave the house without him, he doesn't fuss at all and just waves bye-bye nonchalently and once in a while, he'll grant us with a flying kiss. I know of friends who have to either go out by the back door or sneak out to avoid their kids finding out that they've gone out. I hope Aidan doesn't become that attached..!


meganmacy will be back tomorrow *yeah* and we have arrange to go for a major makeoverhaircut this Wednesday. I've been wanting so long to do something to my really long and hay-like hair..but I'm still not sure how drastic do I want the change to be.

I've been wanting so much to do a perm..but almost every stylists I go to says that I have too much hair and a perm will make me look like a poodle or an ah-soh..Am looking at doing a really light, wavy perm [something like Jennifer Garner's hair in Daredevil ..thought she looked really good in it]. But if I don't have the guts and end up leaving it straight as it is, I may just wanna cut my bangs a little *arghh* dunno lah! Am definitely gonna color/highlight my hair..loads of white hair popping out now and hair looks really messy..bleah!

And I think it's about time that I bring Aidan for his first haircut too :) Well, just to make it a li' neater i guess :)

Misc pics :)
My bro and his wife, Jen came visiting this evening.
That's Jen carrying the li' one and he was really in a jolly good mood..

look at the size of Aidan's tummy!!

These were taken by June bbhome when we were out with our babies last Thursday..

Aidan stuck in a box :D..

Making a face when he tried but couldn't get out..


Was chatting with one of the LJmummies yesterday and it dawned on us that we have to consider ourselves blessed..and have much to be thankful for. Some of our friends, both online and irl seem to have so much problems...ranging from financial difficulty to lack of support from husbands and in-laws.

But this other mom also seem to share the same mentality as I..that we have it too good and sooner or later, something may fall apart.. I guess it's quite natural to feel a li' pessimistic at times..I guess we both feel that if one always feel overly blissful and happy, and when things turn for the worse, it would be really tough to accept.

I really do have a lot to be thankful for and I must never forget to take all this for granted...:)

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Oct. 26th, 2003 05:27 pm (UTC)
Angelia, some people are just fated to be blessed and have a good life. It's all planned by karma. So, since things are going well for you, it will continue to do so as long as you do not destroy your good karma by undesirable deeds. As far as I can see, you're a very very niceee lady whom everyone adores (just by the number of comments you get each post!).

Everyone is bound to have ups and downs, but the mere fact that you are so well-liked by everyone is already a testament that you have lived your life well, and troubles or not, that's always a blessing in itself!

ps. I think you are one very friendly and elegant lady I really admire. And a chio bu too! ;)
Oct. 27th, 2003 12:28 am (UTC)
hmm..but if the philosophy of karma is true, more pple should have a better life becuz I dun think many pple intentionally do harm onto others..

I dun think i'm a supernice person or what..I guess one's LJ does give the impression of someone being 'ultra-nice' or having a great life..becuz one tend to be judged based on what one has written or the pics that are posted. I can be a bitch and ogre at times too :P..

But i do enjoy knowin more pple and esp other moms especially since our kids are one of the common factors we share :)