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Aidan has one more teeth sprouting wonder he had been so grouchy of late. The single tooth is growing to the left of his bottom two middle teeth [darn, I must go and relearn what they are called] and so far, only half of it has appeared so it's now sharp and pointy. So now, he has a total of 7 pearlies at the age of 10 months.

Hubby thinks that Aidan's putting on too much weight. Most kids of Aidan's age or older whom we know, seem to be losing weight and shedding a li' of their baby fat abt this time whereas Aidan seem to be gaining more now. I think it's mainly because of the amount of food he's been imbibing. He is definitely bweer now ..kinda obvious with his chipmunk cheeks and rounded tummy..

Hubby said that maybe we should put Aidan on some kind of a diet..or rather, not feed him that much. I'm really not sure whether to do so..Our next visit to the paed is early next year so I can't check with her either..Hmmm, I guess I could try to avoid letting him snack that much and also, lessen his milk intake. He is currently taking quite a lot of milk..240ml in the morning and before he sleeps and 150ml in the afternoon and evenings...I could maybe trim about 30ml in each of his milk feed and maybe cut down his porridge feed to abt 1 1/2 bowls instead of 2. I don't think I'm starving him this way..I could be overfeeding him I guess. Here's his current feeding schedule..

8.30am : 240ml milk
10.00am :Breakfast - Cereal with 10ml milk or fruits or egg yolk with boiled carrot/potato or baby biscuits
1.00pm : Lunch - Porridge : 2 servings + fruits or yogurt
3.30pm : 150ml milk
5.30pm : Dinner - Porridge : 2 servings + fruits
6:30pm : 120/150ml milk
9:30-10.00pm : 240ml milk

*he gets small li' snacks of cheerios and babybites during the day too..Oh yeah, and I still breastfeed him abt twice to 3 times a day..

I'm really not bragging when I say that he really has a huge appetite.. Friends who has met him, can testify that the wee one will start crying the minute I stop feeding him when he hasn't had enough..I only can tell that he has enough when he doesn't 'demand' for more food and when he eats slower and not look out eagerly for the next spoonful. He eats much more than his cousin who is 1 yr older than him [to the envy of my sis-in-law though] and mom-in-law also says that Aidan probably eats more than her too.I know it's a blessing that he loves food but the amount he eats really does scare me a little and I hope he doesn't become obese as a result of me feeding him too much..Am I over-worrying?

My li' plump pumpkin :)
yeah, kinda early for Halloween.


Two new videos taken a few days back :)
Aidan has learnt how to listen to some instructions..for example (as advised by one of the moms), whenever I call out backside, he'll just turn his butt ard and make his way down the chair/bed leg first. Well, he is able do it that way without my instructing's just that when I do prompt him, he'll do it automatically :) Kinda cute... :-
Bum video

And now, to add to his repetoire of li' movements while eating, he has now started to clap in appreciation during his meal :-
Eating & Clapping Video
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