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Yeah, I guess it's kinda belated but I will just put down my comments abt TAR Mlysia/Singapore episode now. :P

Saw the news segment abt the record breaking ratings for The Amazing Race last Thursday and to be honest, I wasn't surprised. The main reason why the PCK angle was promoted so much was because the station wanted to attract the PCK viewers [PCK usually rates abt 10-11%]. The standard TAR viewers whom are usually quite 'atas' makes up abt 4% of the viewership only. And I guess it worked since so many S'poreans tuned in..well, I think that it being a holiday helped too [and that it was a pretty rainy day] as many were at home to watch the episode.

Hubby watched the show with me for the first time...mainly because he was home [usually, he would still be at work or on the way back] and also becuz I did not watch an earlier telecast as there weren't any that day.

One thing we must really compliment is the editing of the's truely awesome!! Examples : When someone was asking where Ian and Teri were, Jill commented that Ian was probably harassing some locals..and the next shot showed Ian shouting at some diners through a glass door "Where is Ampang Park!". Another fine eg. They showed the twins and FloZach in their comfortable glam rooms at the Orchard Hotel in Singapore and switched to a shot of Jill and John Vito who chose to save money by checking in a shoddy hotel which had no air-con and a tv that didn't work...Really fantastic camera work and I guess that's what makes TAR so entertaining..

Hubby was enjoying the show as much as me. When Teri and Ian were at Petronas Twin Towers asking a local to take their pic, he was urging the local to run away with the camera hehehe..And when Teri and Ian got into the cab and asked to be directed to the train station, hubby was saying..cabby sure take them for a ride somewhere else first [according to him, this always happens in Malaysia..]..and guess what, it happened. Mlysia cabby brought them to the wrong train station!!! hehehe.

Some pple felt tt Singapore was not well represented in the show..I dunno but I thought overall, it was a pretty good episode. The general comments I read from viewers from America was pretty positive..and that the detours/task were pretty challenging and it was obvious that driving/navigating in Singapore was extremely tough as most of the teams had problems. I liked the "swimming with the mermaids" task..I'd never knew that there was such a thing in our Zoo..and finding PCK in CCK. Yeah,a bit corny but still, it was interesting to see the teams running up and down the stairs/corridors to find the flat.

I think most viewers especially the gals were happy & gratified that the wundertwinz, Derek and Drew chose the "wet" challenge..hee~ Woohoo..twinz in matching speedos *slurp*..'Thank u God~!'. Err..but I thought we could do w/out the shot of Teri in her paper underwear and sportsbra..:P~~ Yeah, Teri caused me to go blind for a while then and Flo practically made me deaf with her constant whining and complaining. Poor Zach!! He must have regretted chosing Flo as a partner. I thought he was extremely patient with her and was glad that he finally 'snapped' and scolded her back.

Well, Singapore will still be featured in next week's episode as they will have to do a task in a Singapore in order to find out which location [Vietnam in this case] they had to go to next. Can't wait for the show man!!

Hmm..Miss World on Ch i and Starworld at 10pm later. Think I'll probably watch it. Hubby is still trying to get over an article in Straits Times on our current Miss World Singapore, Sharon Cintamani. She was chosen as the Miss World Singapore in a very low-key/unpublicised event as the pageant was unable to find sponsors due to the poor economy. Apparently, Sharon's mom has been grooming her daughter to be a beauty queen since young. Sharon stated proudly in her interview that as the age of 14, where most of the girls were reading Nancy Drew, she was reading fashion magazines like Vogue UK to develop her fashion skills/mind. Hubby was like.."wtf!!Is this something u should be proud of????" heheh..But it's obvious that this lady comes from a very well-off family..her parents sent her to a prestigious boarding school when young and most of her education was done abroad. Anyway, the article says that her upbringing and background makes her one of the most suitable/pedigreed Miss Singapore..

Oops!!! 10pm already. Time to be glued to the tube~~~

Update : yeah, as usual, Miss Singapore did not make it to the semis. She looked awful imo..she wore this red/orangey dress that had way too much fabric and patterns which made her looked fat. So much for studying fashion, from the age of 14. Apparently she chose the dress with the help of her mom. However, many of the Misses from Asia did make it to the finals..Miss Philipines, Miss China, Miss India and Miss Vietnam...hmm..interesting. First time that so many Asians managed to reach the semis. Not sure whether I wanna continue watching the pageant. Think I'll take a shower first!

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